cover music

  1. DarkEagle00

    Music Female Singer Needed

    Hi there I am gonna start a new channel where I will be doing guitar and bass covers. I will be trying to create my own backing tracks to some of the songs because of copyright reasons and vocals would be awesome. I can kinda sing, but I would like some help. :) Thanks
  2. Sudipta Mukhopadhyay

    Music Looking for some musicians to produce covers and other staffs

    Hi all! I sing cover songs on youtube. Though I am on youtube for quite a long time, my music channel is almost new and I need to produce good music to make it popular with the music lovers worldwide. Basically, I am a vocalist, and I need some people who can play with me and help me to do it...
  3. Pierre Maynard

    Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Cover)

    SO FINALLY FINALLY! Any of you a fan of Ed Sheeran, check out my new Cover song i did on his new Album Divide - song Perfect I want each and everyone one of you to share with everyone joking ;) But seriously if you like what you see then share and also subscribe to my new channel Pierre...
  4. Jonatan Moser

    Do I have vlogging potential?

    Hi awesome people of YTtalk! My channel is primarily a cover/acapella channel, but now and then, when I have special information about upcoming stuff or else, I do 'vlogs'... Now, I am not going to go all vlogger on my channel, but I would like to know how I am doing so far - just to know if it...