1. Stefan Ivanov

    New to the game!

    I am glad to find some competent people to help me out in a purely human way. Just at the start of a video gaming posting entertainment on youtube, I ask for help from some who want to be collaborators. My name is Stefan, and I found some time to make gaming videos and am very interested in the...
  2. C

    I'd love to hear some advice for my new yt channel

    Hi there! I've recently decided to start making yt gaming videos. I've always loved playing games and thought that it would be awesome to be able to share that experience with others. It is also really satisfying for me to learn and improve on audio and video editing. I'd really love to hear...
  3. DawnDawn88

    I want to turn one of my spare bedrooms into a youtube room!

    I need some tips on how to set up a budget youtube room. I will be starting it this month and hopefully will be able to use it this month as well. I have a desktop pc upgraded to windows 10 and a laptop running windows 8.1. I have an android phone with 2 camera's on it. I also have an action...
  4. Zacklovesbooks

    Gaming Collaboration wanted on PS4 (Newbie )

    Hey, I got a ps4 and would like to make more videos for it. Note, that I am a newbie with this thing. So, I might be confused at first but I can learn. Anyway, games I have are (that we can collaborate on ) are the last of us remastered and street fighters, i can play free to play games if you...
  5. Andrewslifestyle25

    honest review for a new format type of video

    Hi there guys,looking for some honest feedback regarding one video I actually made today. I ussually post informational stuff regarding dating,but now I am trying to be funny....sounds ridiculous but its what I'm actually after,trying to make some content for the younger ones. The main question...
  6. Darren Taylor

    A subs boost tactic for newbies like me - nearly at 100 now

    Hi YouYubers! This might be a good post for people below 100 subs like myself. I have been on YouTube for just over 10 weeks now and I am up to 87 subs, however I got 20 of them yesterday! How did I get 20 subs yesterday? I was the first "smart" comment on a Gary Vee video. Most people who...
  7. jeanpaul cavalletti

    Meet Up/Gathering YouTube Meet up in London

    I am new in the Youtube world, i am in the process to create a new channel and try to make it successful as many of you.. I thought that would be great to meet up with other Vloggers to be in London , for drink and chat. If you are passionate about Youtube , you are a Vlogger or a Vlogger to...
  8. Darren Taylor

    How do you get eyeballs on your channel?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a total newbie and have been uploading for the past 7 weeks. I was wondering what people are doing to get more views as a newbie? (Or, how did you get views when you were a newbie) All answers will be really appreciated! Thanks, Darren
  9. M

    Let's talk giveaways

    ok guys, so for an upcoming video of mine I was thinking of maaaybe doing a giveaway. First of all, my thoughts are, is a giveaway possible at this point or do i need to be a bit more "famous" before doing one? (In other words, have more subs and views in order to have a decent number of...
  10. M

    Channel trailer thoughts?

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the YouTube community.. I have posted about 5 videos so far and I thought it was about time I made a channel trailer for new viewers. Most I've seen are about a minute long but mine is almost 3, I'm thinking about making a new one, something shorter and more...
  11. W

    newbie question

    Sorry if this has been asked before a million times. I just did a first vlog yesterday on my lg phone. The resultant file was 504 MB... I'm trying to upload via WiFi... to YouTube ... I would like to find something that would allow me to save it on my local computer in a smaller format...
  12. M

    "Update" videos, yes or no?

    Hello YTers, I started my channel about 6 months ago and had some personal issues that prevented me from posting anything until now. I got comments asking for new videos and now that I am able to get back into it, I decided to make a short one minute "update" video telling my few subscribers...
  13. M

    How important is social media?

    Hello all, This is my second attempt at starting a youtube channel.. i was discouraged the first time because people kept telling me that on top of making my videos, i HAD to keep up with social media and it was already a lot of working keeping up with the youtube side of things nevermind a...
  14. Byjenkz

    Should I start a YouTube series playing single player or on desired craft survival ?

    i want to start a new YouTube series , do you think it would get more attention if I played on single player or on the desired craft survival server ??? If I played on the server I would still be playing on my own , and not with a group of people I was thinking of doing a race to 1 million...
  15. Mattikirk

    Im kinda antsy about doing this....

    So i REEEEALLY want to start my youtube channel but i'm a bit worried about a few things: 1. I don't know where to start 2. People will judge me because i'm a bit young (I'm only 13 years old) 3. I'm afraid that I might unintentionally Make a joke that one of the bigger youtubers have made...
  16. B

    Which category should I choose? (I am new)

    Hi! I am new on Youtube and I am looking for your help. I am planning to start a channel about Lego tutorials, teaching people how to build cartoon/ gaming characters or other interesting builds with Lego. Which category should I choose? Also, should I choose more one category for my different...
  17. SandMan

    Doing great, but I guess there is always room for improvement

    Hi, Halo, Guten Tag, Bojour and other foreign greetings to you My channel is doing surprisingly well against my previous channel of two years ago and hopefully it will stay this way. I got 100 views in 4 days for my first video (Channel trailer) and 35 views for my latest video in 24 hours...
  18. zaralynette

    How many people actually use a script for their videos?

    So I'm a Youtube noob. I am currently doing review videos on my channel and I just need some advice on how to go about planning for a video. How many people actually write script before they record a video? For those of you who do write a script, how do you format it? Bullet points or verbatim...
  19. M

    Help! Only half of video uploaded :(

    Hey YouTubers, Today, I made an attempt to upload my third video since I opened my channel.. It's about 7 minutes long so it took a while to upload but not as long as I expected (about 10 mins). When it finished I received an "upload successful" message on my laptop, however, when I went to...
  20. M

    what do you guys think of my video content?

    Hey guys! So I'm pretty much new to the YouTube community and I posted a video last week and I am feeling a bit discouraged, I haven't gotten much feedback on my latest video and I don't know if I did as good a job as I originally thought I did with it.. My first video was an intro video...
  21. M

    Sharing your channel with friends and family?

    Hello all! I've very recently started my channel and I am worried about sharing my content with my friends.. I've only shown my closest friend and my parents, but for some reason I'm nervous about posting about my video on my social media. How did you guys go about this? Did you even share...
  22. V

    Best Way to start out ?

    Hi there , I have lots of newbie questions . here goes... what is the best camera i can get on ebay for under 400£ ? what is the best computer (laptop)for doing youtube editing etc. ? and at which point will I making 100-800 pounds a month ? and last but not least, please give me some tips on...
  23. Ronja Lykke

    Gaming Blonde newbie gamer girl looking to colab

    Hi, I have this idea to start a new series on my channel (and yours - if you're in) where I play games for the first time. That's not really original, I know, but I want to play on the fact that I am a complete gaming noob (never played anything but Sims and Pokemon my entire life) and the...
  24. Brad Parrett


    Hello! I recently just started my youtube channel and want some help on how to start it. I have a few videos but don't really know how to gain subscribers. Any advice?
  25. PrettyGamer

    I need help!

    Hi guys how can I link my channel in my yttalk account. It always say that my channel does not exist! I hope someone can help me! Thanks
  26. AlbaLnz

    About Stats and Friends (we all have suffered that, people)

    Yeah... we always get kinda obsessed with Subscribers, views, followers and all that. But that will certainly kill you.
  27. Rendevouz

    Advice for my channel? Up there is the link to my channel. Please give me some advice for my channel. I try to upload 2 times a day and I started out my channel just today. Thanks :)