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wanderin pat

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Mar 23, 2017
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Sorry if this has been asked before a million times.

I just did a first vlog yesterday on my lg phone. The resultant file was 504 MB... I'm trying to upload via WiFi... to YouTube ...

I would like to find something that would allow me to save it on my local computer in a smaller format before attempting to upload. I'm trying to document the conversion of a cargo trailer to a livable small travel trailer. As you might imagine, I'd prefer to not spend a lot of time AT THIS TIME learning new software. The conversion work is sucking up my free time.
So, is there something for dummies that will easily just convert to a more "friendly" format, i.e. much smaller? If so, would someone make a recommendation? Thanks in advance for any help.


UPDATE: Perhaps if I give more info someone might respond. AT THIS TIME, I'm looking to duplicate the functionality that I used to have with Quicktime Pro... I could open a video and save it to a different format. For example, I could save it to a format that would shrink it to play on an iPod (remember those? :) ) Or what Irfanview can do with the photos, shrink the image and save to a different format.

I used to have a Quicktime Pro license, but it SEEMS that Apple doesn't support it anymore, or at least on Windows 7.
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James Doppler

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Apr 21, 2014
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Quicktime for Windows was in the news for a major security issue recently. I don't think they had plans to fix it, but I'm not sure.

Handbrake is a good video converter. It's free, and I'm sure there are lots of quick guides on using it to shrink your files. When you want to go more in-depth, I'd recommend Sony Vegas (Simpler, in my opinion. Great for beginners) or Adobe Premiere.