editing software

  1. D

    Help! Video Making Software Advice

    Hi! I make videos (clips set to music, kinda like MTV). I've been using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11, which I love but I'm looking upgrade as it's ten years old. Which computer and which program would you recommend? Thank you!
  2. F[VI]E GUYS

    Feedback on a New Video

    It has taken me a while to get some courage to post something but I feel like I finally had a video that was pretty decent and I want some feedback on several things. 1) Is it funny? (This is always a super awkward question) But what about it do you enjoy and what do you despise? 2) Do the...
  3. Tiffiney

    Editing software. Windowshare Filmora

    Does anyone else use Windowshare filmora to edit their youtube videos? Are you having any issues exporting to youtube? I had no issues with the trial version, but immediately after I bought it, I could not export. Anyone else? How did you resolve it if so?
  4. Scandinavian Freckles

    Wondershare Filmora

    Hi there, Hope you are having a lovely sunday. I wanted to ask if anyone is using wondershare filmora? I really want to try it out but I cant seem to find any information about pricing. I have heard its around 50€ but is that a one time payment or is it monthly/yearly ?? I would highly...
  5. Psycho

    Recording SETUP

    Hi, I'm a new youtuber and i have to spend ages making videos as EVERYTHINGGG is done on 1 ipad from recording to editing and creating thumbnails :( Can someone show me cheap good quality microphone cameras and other essential for a setup Thanks much appreciated
  6. W

    newbie question

    Sorry if this has been asked before a million times. I just did a first vlog yesterday on my lg phone. The resultant file was 504 MB... I'm trying to upload via WiFi... to YouTube ... I would like to find something that would allow me to save it on my local computer in a smaller format...
  7. Kade2110

    In Need of A New Editing Software

    Hey everyone! So I just started my videos, and I have a Canon hd camera, but when I go and edit my videos, I use Windows Movie Maker, and it turns the video not HD when I put it on full screen. Is there any other recommendations for an editing software for pc? Or does windows movie maker keep it...
  8. Justinlp

    Good Beginner Editing Software

    So, I have a few video out and have been more consistent this year, so now I want to focus on improving the quality of my videos. Since my videos are already 1080p quality and the Mic is okayish, I think my next step is learning to become a little better at editing. Any suggestions? I Have a...
  9. Malasia

    Am I the only one who loves editing??

    I remember when I first edited my video's I used to hate it because of how time-consuming it was and how many times I had to youtube search a tutorial on how to do certain edits on the editing software I had. I would spend dayssss editing and it would take me forever to just find background...
  10. umbysworld

    After Effects vs Premier Pro

    I have both After Effects and Premier Pro, but I've never used Premier Pro. After Effects doesn't seem to like my computer because it usually fails to properly render videos with sound. Also, it doesn't seem to be able to properly render things as .mp4 which is annoying. I currently use After...
  11. Malasia

    Anyone uses wondershare filmora?

    I've been hearing so many good things about this editing software and bought the 1 year package but now when I add edits or just am playing back the video to see the edits, the video freezes, lags, goes in slow motion and isnt in sync with the audio. I would say maybe its because my pc dosnt...
  12. Becky Keegan

    Looking for Creative Editing Software

    Hey guys, So I know this kind of thread has most likely been posted a million times on this site. But I was wondering if anyone could help me with finding a good editing software. Basically I want a type of editing software that has the same creative editing capabilities like Adobe Premiere Pro...
  13. NRMRDyt

    Looking for a FREE, PROFESSIONAL, EASY TO USE Video Editor? Check Out This Thread!

    So I recently have been using a new video editor I discovered, and I LOVE IT! It has all the features you can want, it looks very professional, has all the professional features, its EASY TO USE, And best of all, its FREE, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST, NO PAYING FOR EXTRA, ITS ALL IN ONE FREE! The...
  14. S

    Computer doesn't support HD video...

    hello yttalk community! i'm having a problem with my editing my hd video on my computer. my computer can't process HD video well and i've used hit film 4 express, and movie maker but when i import my video it becomes pixelated or lags. should i get a new computer?
  15. Sopada

    Adobe, Final Cut, or Sony Vegas?

    Which editing software do you prefer? I myself use Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Never tried Final Cut, but I heard they dropped the ball. Not sure why, so if you know please share. Sony Vegas was my first real editing tool I used back in the day (After Windows Movie Maker of course) If...
  16. Kyle Hedlund

    Looking for Editing Software on a Budget

    I am currently looking for some new editing software since my old one is starting to make videos extremely difficult. I currently have Audacity for audio but I'm looking for some video software that would not make my wallet go completely empty but still functional and easy-to-use. My current...
  17. Scandinavian Freckles

    Free Editing software

    Hey guys, So I am using Windows movie maker for now but I feel there are a lot of things that I can't do with it. So I was wondering if any of you knew about a free editing software that has a lot of good features and is easy enough to get used to :) I really want to step up my editing so...
  18. MeltedPebbles

    Is X-Split worth the cost?

    So I need to invest in a better screen recorder because I do not want to deal with the audio issues of the current one I use. Is X-Split worth the cost? It's only 2 dollars a month but I would rather not subscribe to it if it is not worth it. Thanks in advance!
  19. Anik Ahmed

    Need tips for better video editing

    I am new in Youtube, I just need tips for better video editing.Which software should i use for videoediting for windows 10. :) TIA
  20. Adeelcool

    Which editing software does everyone currently use?

    Just wondering what editing software most people use I personally use Windows movie maker, but if my laptop could run it I'd use adobe premiere pro
  21. And_Roo

    Any Vloggers use higher end editing software?

    Personally I'm not a huge editor. I go through my clips, take out what's not needed or the long lengthy pauses when I'm trying to not sound like a moron, unless I laugh at myself...then I leave it in there hahaha. I just use simple iMovie that came with my MacBook pro. Does the trick and it's...
  22. Cole James Anderson

    Best Editing Softwares

    Best Free: (in order, best to worst) Hitfilm Camtasia Windows Movie Maker (or) iMovie Best Paid: (in order, best to worst) Adobe Premiere (Ver. CS5+) Final Cut Pro+ Sony Vegas Pro 11+ Personally, I use Sony Vegas Pro 12. It works like a beauty and has failed me very few times in the four...
  23. S

    What camera do you use?

    I use a sony a5000 but I am thinking about upgrading to a Canon t5i. What camera do you use?
  24. MattFPS

    Free, Easy to use Editing Software?

    As I have now started YouTube I now need a better editing software that the Sharefactory on the ps4. I need a free easy to use software that is easy to download and doesn't require to much hassle to get. I anyone had any good ideas please reply to this to help me out. Thanks to anyone that...
  25. vspecialistv

    What is the best editing software for gamers?

    Hi guys, I wanted to know what is the best editing software for gaming videos? I currently Lightworks, and its ok but it doesn't have many features to help editing. I want to do awesome montages, funny collaboration video with funny images and things, but Lightworks makes it difficult to do...
  26. Ans Marie

    Editing Software?

    What is the best software to get that's not too expensive? I already know about Premiere Pro and Final Cut. I currently use iMovie which is fine but I'd like to upgrade.
  27. Halfrican

    Amazing FREE video editing software!

    Hey there! Im The Halfrican and I just started YouTube! like most of you I wanted to be able to make awesome videos that I could do for FREE! well here is my secret! Its an awesome Program called "Hitfilm 3 Express" and you can google the name and find the website where you can download it for...
  28. Zachary Thomas

    Other Anyone need a video edited?

    So I want to improve on my editing skills and I thought what better way to do that than edit more! So if you need any videos edited we can get together 1on1 and get it looking exactly how you invision
  29. alice541

    Using Software and edit video movies from the software

    hi all ! My name is Mai Nguyen I need people to help, using video editing software, one of which 1 Software CyberLink PowerDirector Corel VideoStudio Pro Adobe Premier AVS Video Editor Final Cut Pro Sony Vegas Pro Lightworks 2 video editing software I need people to help. edit video movies from...
  30. John-Neil Bridges

    Hey I need help -.-

    Just wondered if anyone knew of or uses a 32 bit Windows XP editing software?!?!!