Editing software. Windowshare Filmora


Does anyone else use Windowshare filmora to edit their youtube videos? Are you having any issues exporting to youtube? I had no issues with the trial version, but immediately after I bought it, I could not export. Anyone else? How did you resolve it if so?
Hi. I am also using Wondershare (not windows:)) Filmora but I never exported directly to youtube. I always save it first to my desktop and then upload it from the desktop. Maybe you can try in that way also. How much you paid for the license? I am using some cracked version but I said from my first youtube payoff I will buy the license because that program helped me a lot. I saw they have students discounts so I will apply for that because I am student :)
I always save it first to my computer as well. I purchased it after using the trial because I really like it, but I have had nothing but problems and they can't seem to figure it out. I will try to upload from my computer. Thanks