Need tips for better video editing

Anik Ahmed

I am new in Youtube, I just need tips for better video editing.Which software should i use for videoediting for windows 10. :)
I'm a fan of Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Had everything I needed, but others like Sony Vegas, or just plain windows movie maker(if it's still on windows 10) depends how much editing you want to do.
Sony Movie Studio Platinum is the way to go if you ask me. It has 90% of the features you'll find in Sony Vegas Pro, but for a fraction of the cost. And trust me, you won't need the features Vegas Pro has until you get to a very advanced level of editing. You can probably get Sony Movie Studio Platinum on Amazon for less than £20. Bargain.

Source: I do freelance editing and I've tried every mid - to professional level video editing software you can think of, and Sony Movie Studio is my preferred choice.