1. W

    Video remediation help

    Hey guys, New to this forum, I am a content creator looking for someone to help out with a video that I am trying to salvage. The current footage is choppy and I am looking for anyone who has experience in fixing these kinds of video so that it is smooth. The footage is 3 minutes, so you guys...
  2. T

    How to create an empty/blank AVI file without sound?

    Hi, all! I'm looking to create a blank/mute AVI file that's just a black screen with no audio, and that's less than 1 second long, ideally 0.1 or 0.2 seconds. I'm doing this to create a simple mod, where all the unskippable intro movies in the game MVP Baseball 2005 are replaced by this short...
  3. T

    Short Film Saundersfoot Longboarding Adventure!

    Hello guys, it's Rozzer here! I'm here with a short film/edit of a day I and my friend spent longboarding in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire Saundersfoot Longboarding Adventure! Please bear in mind we are only beginner longboarders so only constructive criticism, please :) Other than that please...
  4. P

    Other Looking for a anime content collab.

    Hello, I am looking for a collab in anime content. I make AMVs(anime music videos). I use different songs and edit different scenes from anime over the song. If anyone is interested please e-mail me. zigatron123@gmail.com
  5. Lost Paradise

    HELP! Editing ideas

    Basically my old youtube channel took a long time to build up but now i have moved into a new niche, and im struggling to get people to my channel, what would be the best way to get organic viewers. Im also loooking to get new ideas in editing. I also want subscribers so people can follow for...
  6. Daddy Doovoo

    Gaming Looking for a feller to collab with

    Hey i record gameplay, meme gameplay, montages, and much more is coming! interrested in a collab? hit me up!
  7. U

    Services I Edit... Anything (Graphics Design)

    Hey, let me know if you want someone to edit, meaning graphics! for you. I can get it done by set dates and will do it the way you want it, if you dont like it, I can redo it. Message me, cant wait to start a new arrangement.
  8. Jared Van Houten

    Which Player should I do?

    Hey y'all. Thinking about making a soccer montage and can't figure out which player I want to make an edit of. Any suggestions. Was thinking Mohammad Salah.
  9. Courtney Candice

    Editing takes forever

    I always pre recorded a lot of my videos when I can, but sometimes I’m still late on uploading because of how long it takes to edit. Most of the time I will start editing my videos a week or two ahead of time, but sometimes I still struggle getting it ready for the exact day I need to upload...
  10. George Hudson


    So uploaded a new video today, really happy with edit on this one! Let me know what you think!
  11. ConorClune

    Meet Up/Gathering Collab? Online or in Ireland

    Hey I'm looking to do a collab of some sort, like be in a video with someone, edit or vfx someone's video or something else. I'm pretty new to trying to YouTube properly and I'm looking for people to work with, I'm pretty good at editing and vfx as well as writing stories/ideas. Anyone like to...
  12. Derrick Toys

    How long does it take you to edit a video?

    Hi Tubers! Happy to say I started videos on my free time with a new job schedule and I would appreciate tips/advice on your editing routine. Is there shortcuts I could follow? I find that saving video links on notes is easy to copy and paste in descriptions along with default information for...

    How do you edit?

    Do you prefer to make a ton of videos at one time and then edit them over time or do you like to make one video and then edit that one right away?
  14. Iza Elle

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone from uk want to collab?

    hey guys ! I'm looking for someone who is interested in YouTube ! Just to chat and have a coffee and film together ! Drop me a message ! I'm from Ipswich, Suffolk UK !
  15. Mcradical

    What does everyone use for editing?

    Hey guys and gals, Just a quick question here: what does everyone use to edit their videos? I'm curious to know- I use Final Cut Pro X, which I hear is like the marmite of the editing world, you either love it or you hate it (I obviously love it). Cheers, Chris
  16. LeechBoy

    Newbie Editor - Wanting to get better, will edit videos for free!

    Please message me on skype. My skype is Radioactive.Tea I use videopad, a free software and i am pretty good at it. my videos are all editing since they are amvs. all i want in return is my youtube in your description, and on your front page, my channel as one of the favorites.
  17. Style Child

    Thoughts on my content?

    Hi YTTalk!!! this is my first review request so i guess ill see how it goes :redface: to start off with ill tell you about my content, i make vaporwave/aesthetic music video edits. For those who do not know, Vaporwave/Aesthetic is a music genre that used 80's samples and such to envoke emotions...

    Girl hits her head on a swing [edit by me]

    I found this little video a few days back and gave it a little twist. Hope you like it :D If you want more check out my "random poop" playlist ;) See ya :)
  19. javacentral

    Newest video on a Mocha Recipe with changes to audio/lighting

    So I made this neat little mocha where it was pretty straight forward with the recipe (and an idea I wish I thought of sooner!). I changed up the lighting a bit via some angles and added an extra light. I also edited out more background noises since my last video was a bit fuzzy with the audio...
  20. Derrick Toys

    New Vlog Review & Thumbnail Help!!

    Would love suggestions how to improve. What do you think of thumbnail? Searching software for better thumbnails but can't seem to find anything comparable to photoshop. Looking for ways to improve uploads for higher ranking, any advice??
  21. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Tough Mudder 2016 official

  22. E

    Edit in progress for 2 days..

    I had to change my name, and go through and blur out my intro and trim out anytime I mentioned my channels name because someone owned the trademark for my channel name and was giving me crap about it threatening to sue me. I did all 30 videos, went through and trimmed/blurred stuff. some were...
  23. Marcus Walker

    Mind reviewing this Video? Quite a bit of work put into it.

    Hey guys, if you came to this thread then your probably here to give me constrictive criticism on this video. A couple things before you watch. I did this Vlog with a little edit, because i was changing my name out of "TheDailyGrinds" and was gonna just use my real name "Marcus Walker" I also...
  24. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    The best edit I've done to date (:

  25. Banished

    Request Need someone with After Effect!

    Hey I just need to re-do my intro but my laptop isn't powerful enough and it just crashed haha. I am happy to pay but if someone is keen to do it for free that would be rad! Thanks for reading!
  26. Kreator

    Review my Newest Video???

    Hi Guys! Just wondering if anyone out that is willing to review my latest video, little backstory on it, i was going for a 90m Stardew Valley recording session but due to my incompetence i stopped recording at 15m, but carried on playing for the full 90 :spin: anywho, I took it upon myself in...
  27. F

    Annoying that the YouTube editor doesn't let you edit things that matter

    I posted this on YouTube's Support forum yesterday. No reply so far: "The YouTube editor lets you cut your video in half, stable a shaky cam, or add colour to it" Great for footage of your kid riding a bike, but if you want to correct something important in your video, all you can rely on is...
  28. Ballistic


    Hey guys I was wondering if you could check out one of my more recent videos ( youtube.com/ballisticc ) and tell me what I could do to improve my editing and make it look more official, and a lot more humorous. I use Sony Vegas Pro 13
  29. Christoball

    What should i use?

    Hey guys its christo here I would like to ask u guys what u use and what i should use. Well i have used movie maker for a while and its great. Its just that it doesnt have features that i want. So what do u guys use for editing? Thx for all answers
  30. A

    Can someone edit my happy wheels video

    This is my first happy wheels video and Im looking for an editor. I want someone who could make it as funny as possible. Maybe under 15 minutes?