video editing

  1. J

    [HIRING] Looking for Video Editors & Thumbnail Designers specialized in YouTube

    Hi, I am looking for experienced YouTube video editor and thumbnail designer. I'm ready to hire someone in a day if I see you have experience. Style I'm looking for is something like:
  2. S

    Gym Video Fast Edit Promo

  3. W

    Video remediation help

    Hey guys, New to this forum, I am a content creator looking for someone to help out with a video that I am trying to salvage. The current footage is choppy and I am looking for anyone who has experience in fixing these kinds of video so that it is smooth. The footage is 3 minutes, so you guys...
  4. W

    [$1,000 USD bounty] Video remediation help

    Hey guys, New to these forums, I am a content creator looking for someone to help out with a video that I am trying to salvage. The current footage is choppy and I am looking for anyone who has experience in fixing these kinds of video so that it is smooth. The footage is a 3 minutes, so you...
  5. P

    Other Looking for a anime content collab.

    Hello, I am looking for a collab in anime content. I make AMVs(anime music videos). I use different songs and edit different scenes from anime over the song. If anyone is interested please e-mail me.
  6. zindagikamaal

    Need some tips to edit a video so that the viewers find my videos engaging and interactive?

    I am not a video editor but I am really curious about tips and tricks to make a well-edited video that helps to get engagements and views on my videos. Link to my channel-
  7. R

    I'm a freelance editor willing to do work for free

    As the title says I'm a video editor, I enjoy editing a lot and hope to do it professionally some day, I've done a lot of small jobs for up and coming youtubers, and I have been editing for more than a year, but I've taken a break from editing to focus on other parts of my life, I'm just looking...
  8. PDComedyClassics

    Improving old video quality

    Hi all, I am looking for a simple software to improve the image quality (improve sharpness, remove shakiness, etc) of old black and white films. What I am really looking for is a free windows-based software. At least that would be the ideal. Or at least a software that I could try for free. Any...
  9. Elderberry

    Davinci Resolve

    Hello everyone, Since recently, I have started to edit my videos with Davinci Resolve and I must it it is a wonderful piece of software. It is easy to learn and renders awesome quality. You should check it out. I used to have trouble editing my videos but now my lastest videos has good...
  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Trim YouTube Videos Online with NEW YouTube Studio in 2019

    How To Trim YouTube Videos Online with NEW YouTube Studio in 2019 // Need to edit a live youtube video? Trim YouTube videos to remove mistakes or make them shorter? This tool has been updated in the new YouTube Studio and this step by step tutorial shows you how to trim videos on YouTube using...
  11. JustusJames

    Looking for After Effect tutorials

    I'm looking for good after effects tutorials to help enhance my videos. Does anyone have a channel that focuses on this or suggestions on channels to look to?
  12. vicketheboss

    Anyone Required AVS Video Editor FULL Version

    Anyone Required AVS Video Editor FULL Version, Pls Ping Me.
  13. FrankenPixelGaming

    A Short Little Animation

    This is just a short animated thing I made. I've been playing around with different things in Premiere, and actually, think this came out kind of nice. Any advice on tricks for making my animations look smoother, or maybe more advanced, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Niyahs Funworld

    Need advice on creating good content! What is everyone using for video editing?

    Below is a kids educational video I did with my daughter. I just want advice on making better videos so that we can gain more subscribers. Any advice on editing and any advice on the things Im doing wrong?
  15. TinasToyTime

    Filmora - best export settings?

    Hi all, My YT channel is for children - it's all real - life and no animations (not sure if that info assists for answering my question). I export at 8-10,000 bitrate and 60 fps but it is VERY glitchy. It flashes constantly. This isn't my internet connection, as no other videos do this! I tried...
  16. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Trim YouTube Videos - Trim, Slice and Cut YouTube Videos Online

    How To Trim A YouTube Video Online - How To Trim Videos on YouTube // How To Edit Uploaded YouTube Videos - Edit YouTube Videos Online - Made a make and need to trim your YouTube video? Edit an uploaded YouTube video with the YouTube video editor trim YouTube video feature. This feature can be...
  17. Civilly Barbaric

    Video Editing Software

    Are there any free video editing software that are really good, out there? Wondershare filmora is a bit coastly for me, so am open to suggestions
  18. Bossk's Bounty

    New Hardware & Software for editing videos.

    Hey everyone, So, at the moment I record all my videos on an iphone 6s then edit them using Shotcut on a 4 yr old Sony Vaio Laptop. I do like Shotcut but my laptop just cant cope, its so slow and gets very hot with the fans goinf mental trying to cool it down. So, after speaking to a few...
  19. Samuel Aghoghovbia Jr.

    Gaming Looking for Unique Content Creators

    Yo! I'm new to this so I am kind of uneasy putting out this post, but I hope you all can bear with me lol. So I created this Channel, Agni Kai Gaming, where I post unique and original content for fighting games. My goal is to use the platform to, not only build on the fanbase of all of the...
  20. O

    Looking For A Video Editor

    Hello, I am new to uploading videos on to YouTube and will like to know what is a good free video editing software that is not too hard to learn. Thank you to everyone who can help me with this
  21. ryansrs07

    How to get video filmed on mobile to fit screen.

    Hi everyone, I just joined and first would like to say a big HELLO to you all :) OK a bit of a YouTube addiction going on in my household right now with myself and my kids all having our own YouTube Channels (Just for fun mostly and mine for work). We currently only film our videos via a...
  22. Blckrose2020

    Gaming Channel Equipment

    What are the beat equipment for gaming channels? I mostly play on the PS4 but I am looking for a decent mic that I can use on my controller and then switch over to my laptop for Pc games. Also looking for a camera, best audio recorder and video editor on PC. Also is there something to make my...
  23. K.piddy


    hai all, can someone point me in the direction of someone who can MAKE my vid opener, and dont try to screw me on prices because i know generally how much it cost to make a opener vid (shouldnt cost a arm & leg i know THAT)
  24. Frankline

    Didn't you have a similar case? Please give me some advice

    Hello my friends, Please help me... How can remove claimed song from my videos? I tried YouTube Editor to cut off the track and save but the claim still there. Could I dispute this claim? The claim song is at 27 minutes, I already cut off the video to 26 minutes.
  25. SeanFace101

    Anyone using the Lightworks Video Editor?

    Is anyone here using or has anyone here ever used the video editing software called Lightworks? I just downloaded it there and im having a look about it, not sure about it lol. :P What do youse think about it?
  26. KacperDzn

    Personal editing/recording softwares!

    Hello guys, Personally, for recording I use Camtasia Studio 9 recorder. This is great for me as it is very simple to set up and is lag-free. If you are a gamer, I'd recommend OBS (Open Broadcast Software) as if you use the right settings you can get some clean gaming videos! After I record In...
  27. VRONA

    My Story of Using Movie Maker |How Much Does Editing Software Actually Affect The Quality of Videos?

    I recently got into a conversation with this guy on a YouTuber discord about editing software. He said that if I wanted to improve the overall quality of my videos I should look into some more professional software, which I already have installed somewhere on my PC just doing nothing, but I...
  28. SeanFace101

    What Time does the YouTube Editor finish at?

    Hi, So, the YouTube Editor is coming to an end on the 20th, but when exactly does it stop working? At midnight of the 19th? or at the midnight of the 20th? or a time in between? The YouTube help page says it will no longer be available "after 20 September 2017". So does this mean it can be...
  29. Quirkypoo

    Video Editing Software

    Hey there, I've been looking around for some low budget editing software. I've been using lightworks and I've got really comfortable with using it, however, I feel like I could do with something that has a bit more "oomf". Such as like better FX's and if I could get something where the...
  30. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Voice Actress Needed!

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a female voice actress for a project of mine, I have multiple projects (mainly short countdowns) coming up, that I'm going to be needing a handful of voice actress for that, Most of the roles are fairly short and simple. Or Anyone Can Help me in Editing Videos for My...