video editing

  1. Pierre Maynard

    Any good editing software out there?

    Hello im Pierre, :) and i need your help. Im trying to look for a good quality editing software video like, Sony Vegas pro because I am making gaming videos now and they are long! So i would just like to know some suggestions on what other editing software's are there. Any suggestions people! :)
  2. JayManOurMusicBox

    Request Music channel needs template video background...Read for info

    Hey there. I am JayMan and I am a musician/producer. I offer free music for videos that anyone can use in their videos and fully monetize. I have a huge library of 5000+ tracks from the years and years of my work that I have put onsite to allow YouTubers to use for free. Although most channels...
  3. Jalen Timberlake

    iMovie help on iPad

    I was just wonder how to do picture in picture with a pice I can do it with a video but I really want to know how to do that but with pictures....can anyone help?
  4. alice541

    Using Software and edit video movies from the software

    hi all ! My name is Mai Nguyen I need people to help, using video editing software, one of which 1 Software CyberLink PowerDirector Corel VideoStudio Pro Adobe Premier AVS Video Editor Final Cut Pro Sony Vegas Pro Lightworks 2 video editing software I need people to help. edit video movies from...
  5. Rjayo

    IF your a Fan of Blizzard games check out my Trailer!

    Hey guys! This is a little trailer i made in tribute of some of the bad guys in the blizzard universe. Please let me know what you think. ill be doing more and more of these type of things so any request or advice fire away!
  6. FanoBelmont

    Elgato Video-Audio Sync Problems

    Hey guys, can someone help me with this issue? I am recording PS4 footage through an Elgato HD60 capture card. It had been working great until last night after recording Soma (awesome game!) when I put the footage on Premiere, I notice the game video and audio were out of sync and it got...
  7. Absol4Prez

    Request Can someone make me a Banner/Profile Pic

    My name is Absol4Prez, so my preference on how the logo would look is make it look kind of fancy, and either put "A4P" or a pic based on or around the pokemon character Absol. Same thing with the banner please, and if you are going to make on or the either then please specify which one is...
  8. Zman

    Free video editing?

    Hello i was wondering if anyone knows a good video editing software because unfortunately i cant get something like Sony Vegas or something else thank you -Zman201
  9. Michael

    Video Files Randomly Disappeared

    Has anyone ever experienced this? I had several mov files on my desktop while editing, went to drag in some audio for the videos to grey out on the timeline and all the mov files were gone. I luckily had a backup but that was so close. I am hoping it isnt a virus or malware so I am doing some...
  10. hatlesschimp

    Latest Video - Have I improved?

    Just wondering if I'm improving. I paid more attention to the sound and tightened up the editing. Latest Video This is an old video to compare to.