video editing

  1. B

    Sound "cut" after inserting a new video

    I've been lurking around here whenever I needed assistance with my video editing and the community has always been helpful and nice to everyone. I decided to join here to ask you kind folk if you could help me with a slight problem which I'm having. I'm new to video editing and I only do basic...
  2. Paranoia O Rigins

    Can someone Edit one of my videos?

    When i was recording/boradcasting on my ps4 i went over 6 hours on my video and youtube editor wont let me edit the video all i need is the edit out to the point where i started building my japanese castle up again. If anyone can do that for me please that would be greatful ask for the link...
  3. Pedro Nascimento

    RAW Video Post Production - MLV to DNG

    Hello to you all By the title of the video you already know that I shoot RAW video. 1 - So usually I shoot raw video on my Canon 5D Mark III using Magic Lantern, the video is saved on my card as MLV. 2 - Then using MLRawViewer v1.3.3 I convert the MLV video to DNG stills. 3 - Then on Adobe...
  4. G

    Do you subtitle your videos?

    Hey, just want to know how many people still create their own subtitles for their youtube vids, or do you just let youtube add captions to it?
  5. Nicky Furmage

    Filmora Wandershare at 1080p 60fps?

    Hi guys I currently use wandershare for my videos but im looking at upgrading my camera to a canon g7x. If i shoot at 1080p 60fps will wandershare be ok for this? Thoughts please?
  6. Camskiez

    INSANE ROCKET LEAGUE SAVE! WORST JOKE EVER! (Overwatch and Rocket League)

    Hey everyone my newest video is my latest stream highlights with a lot of hilarious moments. Hope you all enjoy!
  7. Camskiez

    Camskiez Stream HIGHLIGHTS #2! (Comedy Gaming!)

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say first of all since I just joined yttalk last night this community is so awesome and its great to see everyone helping each other out and giving feedback etc and its great to be apart of it now. So, I just released my second stream highlights video which...
  8. Camskiez

    How long would you say it takes you to edit an average video?

    I would say it takes me about 15 hours to edit mine. I put a lot of editing into my videos which are gaming/comedy based. Its a huge amount of time for a video that's under five minutes but I think the end result is worth it. I usually add in real time captions that move along with the...
  9. Mcradical

    What does everyone use for editing?

    Hey guys and gals, Just a quick question here: what does everyone use to edit their videos? I'm curious to know- I use Final Cut Pro X, which I hear is like the marmite of the editing world, you either love it or you hate it (I obviously love it). Cheers, Chris
  10. Mila from Ukraine

    Simplest Video Editing Software under $100?

    Looking for recommendations for beginner video editing software. Im looking for software with these basic editing things. 1) i can easily edit a short video file, such as trim/snip pieces out of it 2) easily can put multiple videos together and save it in to one video 3) edit Brightness/Contrast...
  11. Junr55

    Critiquing my video

    Hey there everyone! I used to be fairly active on this forum until I had to do my hardest semester of school yet, but since then i've been trying to get back into YouTube and I feel like i've lost my touch. I need people to be honest with one of my newest videos that I put out. 1. How does the...
  12. Samantha McLean

    The Youtuber's Wishlist (part 2)

    This is part 2 of the Youtuber's wishlist!! Basically everything a budding Youtuber could want/need in their attempt to make the best videos!! Hope you enjoy and feel free to check out part 1 (links in the video description)
  13. Baylze

    What video editing software should I consider?

    Hi there, I'm Baylze, and I currently use Movie Maker; which has been fine for me up to this point, but I'm looking for an upgrade. I'm not looking to make stopframe animations, incredible intro sequences, or visually stunning designs, I just want a video editor that can; Add text/image...
  14. C

    How did you learn to edit?

    I assume the obvious, which is Youtube videos. But if you had a particularly helpful series/videos could you recommend them for myself and others who may find this thread?
  15. Tomba


    Read below for extra trick! Hey YTtalk! Sorry for the delay on this new Sony Vegas Tutorial, my cold was really bad in the morning and got better towards the evening. I hope you enjoyed this small but definitely awesome transition that a lot of YouTubers add to their videos. It will make your...
  16. SeanFace101

    How Do I Rotate A Video?

    I recorded a video when I was at the WWE Smackdown on Tuesday there when it was in Glasgow, but when I got home and moved the video from my phone onto my computer the video is sideways, I have to turn my head on its side or the laptop on its side to watch it lol. :P How do I rotate it so I can...
  17. Maarij Bashir

    Best camera for video recording?

    I'm planning on getting a new camera! Just wondering what are good cameras that can improve the quality of my videos? My budget is around $500-800.
  18. AngieAstalos

    Still picture overlay extremely distorted in Sony Vegas - HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm currently editing my next video and I need to add in a few pictures throughout the video and whenever I add any type of picture to my video, It is EXTREMELY distorted. When I add the picture to the video and its "full size" it's fine, however, when I go to pan/ crop to make it...
  19. Surrendead

    Gaming Channel: Video Editing Feedback

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback on the cuts and typography edits I made. Specifically, is the typography too fast and is it entertaining or obnoxious? :help: Thanks!
  20. NRMRDyt

    Looking for a FREE, PROFESSIONAL, EASY TO USE Video Editor? Check Out This Thread!

    So I recently have been using a new video editor I discovered, and I LOVE IT! It has all the features you can want, it looks very professional, has all the professional features, its EASY TO USE, And best of all, its FREE, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST, NO PAYING FOR EXTRA, ITS ALL IN ONE FREE! The...
  21. M4TTATT4CK

    How to do Moving Zoom in??

    Hey everyone does anyone know how to zoom in on a clip and move around the clip while it's still zoomed on Imovie? lmk thanks!
  22. C

    Services Looking for an app that can make my videos 1080i

    Hey huus am having a prob with making my videos hd and i want you guys to help me .give me some app that can transcourt my videos to hd ,pliz!!! When i post it on youtube it really doesn't look hd so help me out.
  23. Chieri

    Music New Music Group! Need some help with our videos...

    I have just created a new net-idol group called Symphonia. We will be producing both covers and original songs in multiple languages including japanese and english. We currently consist of 10 singers, 2 audio editors, a few possible songwriters, and an MMD modeler/animator. We are currently...
  24. SeanFace101

    Can i change the comment settings for all my videos at once?

    Some of my videos require me to approve comments on the first before they are shown publically, other videos of mine just allow the comments to be posted on them straight away. :P Is there a way I can change all my videos at once to Allow comments without approval instead of me having to go to...
  25. U

    Video editing with a tablet

    does anyone edit their videos on a tablet if so what kind of tablet and editing software do you use?? Thanks.
  26. B

    Other My youtube channel about airsoft gameplay, video productions

    Hi, If you like to see videos about airsoft gaming, video editing, video productions take a look at my channel and watch some of the short productions recently posted. If you would like to collaborate to help each other, i am looking forward to meet you. Cheers
  27. M

    OpenSource Video Editor for both Windows ans Linux

    Hi everyone, I need an opensource video editor that is available for both Windows and Linux. I'm using windows now, but plan on migrating to Linux later on and would like the files to still be readable. I've installed OpenShot, but it shows menus in 3 different languages and makes it unusable...
  28. Klaustronix

    Help with audio/video syncing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    So I record my microphone with Audacity, and record my gameplay, game audio, and microphone with Nvidia Shadowplay as well. I record my microphone in Shadowplay as well for better syncing, but I need some help in this. So after I adjust the microphone audio with my Shadowplay microphone audio...
  29. SeanFace101

    What does the "Spotlight" Annotation do?

    Am I using the Spotlight Annotation wrong? or does all it do is put a box around something on the video that the colour can be changed? I thought it would have at least made whats outside the box darker or something so that the veiwers attention is put on whats in the box? :P