video editing

  1. SeanFace101

    Whats your Channel Trailer like? ... What is in it?

    What have you put in your video for your channel trailer? What sort of things have you said in it? I want to make one but not sure what to do in it. :P Also, whats the best length for the trailer video?
  2. SeanFace101

    Question about "Video Language " in Video Settings?

    When uploading a new video, or well editing one I suppose too, where it asks for "Video Language" to be chosen in the Advanced Settings page, does it mean the language as in Audio / Speaking? or is it meaning Text and Writing on the video also? For example, one of my videos doesn't have and...
  3. SeanFace101

    How do i change the audio track length in the YouTube Editor?

    I have made a video in the video editor and put an audio track playing over it, but I don't want the audio track to play all the way through the video, how to I get the music which lasts over 2 minutes to only play over the first 20 seconds of the video?
  4. Altairsfriend

    I'd like the communities' opinion on my latest video.

    We are about to have another recording session and I would like to know what you guys (and gals!) think of this video as a whole. I know I need to work on the audio mix for sure, but what else? How's the editing, pacing, etc? Does the video flow to the end? Perhaps a more defined beginning or...
  5. Anik Ahmed

    Need tips for better video editing

    I am new in Youtube, I just need tips for better video editing.Which software should i use for videoediting for windows 10. :) TIA
  6. hj154

    Vegas Pro 13 vs. Premiere Pro CC 2015

    I'm a gaming/challenge-vlogging channel, and I have both the softwares listed above. I am looking for the fastest rendering, easiest to use, and easiest for comedy type editing- such as PewDiePie and nigahiga. Before I start learning the software. Opinions?
  7. SeanFace101

    Does the YouTube Editor have a option for me to Voiceover?

    How do I do a voice over on my video using the YouTube Editor? If this is possible? .. :P (If not, what can I use to do this for my video?)
  8. SeanFace101

    Is it possible to add intro / endings to existing videos?

    Is it possible to add an intro lasting a few seconds to the start of one of my videos that is already uploaded to my channel without needing to make a video version of it and re-upload it? or, same question, but with and ending add to the video without needing to upload a new one?
  9. Yk99

    What are some good video editing programs that are free?

    Hello guys I am currently learning how to use lightworks free. After doing some google searches most people recommend lightworks as the best free video editing program. I was wondering if you guys have some inputs on other programs?
  10. SeanFace101

    What is Community Contributions in Advanced Video Settings?

    What e does happens if I choose to enable the "Community Contributions" setting when I edit one of my videos in the Advanced Settings? Does this mean any viewer of my video on YouTube can add text and stuff to my video?
  11. SeanFace101

    Will TubeBuddy Ever Be On Internet Explorer?

    Does anyone think that at one point TubeBuddy will be able to be used on Internet Explorer? as it currently cant be used and I have to jump onto Chrome for when I'm editing videos, etc.. :P
  12. SeanFace101

    Does Having Alot of Likes Help?

    Does having a lot of likes on your YouTube videos help them in anyway get more views? and same question about Dislikes, do they have any bad effect on the video?
  13. Nation X

    Floating/Hover Effect for Images? :/

    Hi YTtalk community! •^-^• So one of my favorite YouTubers is I Hate Everything and one thing I like about his videos is how he has those characters he has hover and move a around the screen with realistic physics (sort of) and more recently has one of them rock back and forth in a smooth...
  14. SeanFace101

    Annotations vs Cards?

    Which do you prefer to use in your videos to tell your viewer about a link, playlist or other video? Annotations or Cards? I don't have many annotations in my videos, but I have been starting to add quite a few cards across my videos. Not sure which I prefer though as I'm not sure which works...
  15. PsySpy Gaming

    VWF Elimination Chamber Promo

    This is for a specific group that I am a part of and I thought that it might be good practice on my part. And honestly, it's probably the most editing that I have ever done. Even if it is only a minute long. While it is on someone else's YouTube page, one of my buddies got all the clips and I...
  16. SeanFace101

    Whats the best number and timing for Cards / Annotations?

    Anyone know or figured out what time roughly in videos is the best to put cards and / or annotations? Just after the start of the video? Just before the end of the video?, etc.. ? Also, is it best to use up the full 5 spaces or just use one per video?
  17. N

    Video is too small on the screen

    Hey guys and girls! I uploaded a video unlisted onto my channel. It's my first video, I'm new here! Haha. When I play the video, it doesn't fit the 'video screen' properly. Was this something I should of done when editing the video, or can I fix this on youtube to make it fit properly? Thanks!
  18. N

    HELP! Preparing a video clip on Windows Live Movie Maker is taking WAY to long.

    Hi guys, So I'm now starting up my youtube channel.. I have uploaded a 6 minute clip onto windows movie maker that was filmed in 1080/25p. It has honestly been preparing for over an hour now and it's still preparing it! Does anyone have any idea why? Is it my laptop? Or the programme itself...
  19. YourKingSkeletor

    My Editing Dilema

    So I'm working on editing a video of the Algorithm mission in Battleborn and have chopped out a fair bit so far. Basically all that is left is boss fights, hilarious dialogue, mission progression and dialogue that adds to the story but the video is still 40 minutes. I wanna chop a bit more but...
  20. ParanoiaOrigins

    Request LF a Good Video Editor to help with my YouTube Channel

    Hey everyone my names Paranoia Origins been youtubing for 1 1/2 months now think its 2 i don't know. But anyway straight to the point is that I have been struggling hard with my channel, I'm looking for someone who can help me edit my videos to make them more interesting or more interesting...
  21. ESD

    Services Intros/Outros and 2D Motion Graphics for FREE!

    Hi there! I am a video editor that is looking to build up a portfolio of work, I'm happy to create Intro/Outros as well as 2D Motion Graphics for your videos. For the intros/outros I use Premiere Pro and for the graphics, I use After Effects. Here is a selection of screenshots showing my...
  22. chriphonestas

    Camera is better or screen recorder is enough?

    How is the best way to make a video tutorial for iPhone / iPad? Is it better to use a screen recorder or camera is better? anyway, I can just make a video tutorial for iPhone / iPad by using a screen recorder only. Please advised :")
  23. maman

    Video file size?

    Hi there! I just want to ask what sizes are your videos if it's around 6-8 minutes - MP4 - H.264 - Progressive - and HD 1920 x 1080 My video size is at 360+MB - and my friend told me that his edits are reaching 3GB - same video length , so I'm confused if I'm the one wrong or he is. I'm using...
  24. mideko

    What is the best rendering settings for Wondershare Filmora?

    Hello! I need help with rendering settings for Wondershare Filmora. For some reason, Whenever I render videos in Wondershare Filmora then upload them on Youtube. A message shows up on the left side saying....**videos would upload faster if you have the right settings for your video.** How can I...
  25. CreepyMeow

    Services Graphic design and video editing. ( √ )

    Hey, YTtalk. I've been a graphic designer for some "yolopronoscoper" e-sport groups and designed some channel art back in the days. You can ask for my portfolio , but it's pretty out-dated regarding to my skills - most of the work there is done about a year ago. I do my work cheap and quick...
  26. SemiGodGaming

    How to edit with photoshop CS6

    So i'm kinda stuck because I need to know how to edit image overlays on my videos because i'm planning to make a Q&A video once my channel reaches 100 subscribers but well I don't know how to make it so the video is still playing while the images is just added like on the bottom because it's...
  27. Pierre Maynard

    I can't find a good and simple video editing software!

    So for the past week i have been trying really hard to find a good and easy video editing software, And i can't find nothing. I've already used Sony Vegas pro loved that software but, The trial has expired and i still have 2 projects to do. I have tried everything! i downloaded final cut pro x...
  28. CreepyMeow

    Can you review my latest video?

    Hey, YTta;l well.. this is a thing i made. I'm thinking of making a series out of this - what do you think? What do you think about this video?
  29. Josh100LuBu

    The Lifestyle Of A Pilot

  30. BrinosaurasGaming

    What Do You Think About My Video Editing So Far?

    Hello fellow YTtalk members! I've been posting videos on my channel for 3 months already, with a total of 16 videos. What are your opinions about the VIDEO EDITING that I did in this video so far? I used Sony Vegas Pro 13. I will take any feedback that is a complement or constructive criticism.