Do you subtitle your videos?

Do you guys create subtitles for your own videos?

  • Yes

  • No

  • No I use the Youtube captions feature

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Hey, just want to know how many people still create their own subtitles for their youtube vids, or do you just let youtube add captions to it?
I always subtitle my videos into English and Czech, because it not only makes people understand me better, but also it encourages them to subtitle my videos into other languages (since they don't have to transcribe the vid, but they have to translate only)
I try to when I can, but I rarely do not have the time. I noticed some of my friends starting to provide CC for me which has been a big help!
I use to subtitle my video in French for my family and it brought some people that did not speak english to my channel I thought it was pretty cool. But no time right now.