1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Add Foreign Language Subtitles to Videos (EASY WAY)

    Translate Add Foreign Language Subtitles to YouTube Videos (EASY WAY) - Adding subtitles to videos can help people understand you better, what your videos for longer, increase engagement and boost video rankings. Today I am going to show you how I add foreign subtitles to my videos using REV
  2. AllVisuals4U

    Titles and subtitles...

    Hi YTtalkers, i have two questions: 1. Which title is better? this one: TUTORIALS - FreeCAD - General #1 - How to ... or just: FreeCAD - General #1 - How to ... Or should there be little difference bewteen the two.. 2. Does adding subtitles help to rank a video better by YouTubes algorithm?
  3. G

    Do you subtitle your videos?

    Hey, just want to know how many people still create their own subtitles for their youtube vids, or do you just let youtube add captions to it?