Titles and subtitles...


Loving YTtalk
Hi YTtalkers,

i have two questions:

1. Which title is better?

this one:
TUTORIALS - FreeCAD - General #1 - How to ...
or just:
FreeCAD - General #1 - How to ...

Or should there be little difference bewteen the two..

2. Does adding subtitles help to rank a video better by YouTubes algorithm?
. tutoralI will go with the second one...simply because it is seo friendly than the first...left to me, I will start with with FreeCAD Tutorial considering you want to rank for FreeCAD

Subtitles definitely helps with the rankings since that tells youtube even more what your video is about.
hope that was helpful
of those choices, go with the second one. there are some really useful SEO tutorials on these forums you should study. some are lengthy but totally worth reading and trying to implement
Second title, you should always be short and to the point, otherwise you'll be rambling like me. I don't know what the heck subtitles are, so if you could maybe fill me in, it would be greatly appreciated! Peace out! ~Column 1
If it was me id go with the first. I have a few videos that start with a similar title.
Try both versions over the next view uploads and see what gets more views?