1. TheAllSenses

    Video review request (transitions, educational)

    Hi, The purpose of the video was to give a quick idea about a few specifies (25) that a person could see if he/she visits the Aquarium of Paris. I intend to make similar videos, so I would like to have your feedback concerning : Do you find that the transitions I used fit well the video ? How...
  2. AllVisuals4U

    Titles and subtitles...

    Hi YTtalkers, i have two questions: 1. Which title is better? this one: TUTORIALS - FreeCAD - General #1 - How to ... or just: FreeCAD - General #1 - How to ... Or should there be little difference bewteen the two.. 2. Does adding subtitles help to rank a video better by YouTubes algorithm?
  3. JoelTavares

    Visuals/Sound Self Assessment

    I want to find out what people think of the current video I uploaded on youtube. If anyone has camera tips, in terms of lighting, or angles etc, or any tips to make the sound better, please let me know :) I want to know if the stuff Im putting out is bad, average, or getting there. So please...
  4. Tuurngait Gaming

    Should smaller YouTubers make their videos shorter?

    Hello I'm Tuurngait! So I've been wondering... should small YouTubers make their videos shorter than usual? My thoughts behind this are: Less people will be watching your content, so if you keep it at a short range of 5-8 or so minutes, a person new to your channel might be more tempted to...
  5. WIT Thinks

    Your ideal length of time for a video?

    Hey everyone. I was wondering what your preferred time length for each video would be? Not just for content that you create but also videos that you consume? We are currently pushing about 6-8 minutes based on our script length which I feel is OK for the information we are trying to convey...
  6. BMHD

    Video Length Advice

    Hi Guys! I'm a gaming Youtuber and I upload compilations and montages. I've been wondering if I should upload 3-4 minute videos every day or 6-7 minute videos on every 2nd day. I only have time to record this many clips for my montages. Which one do you think is better?
  7. Viral Joy

    Review my video and I'll review yours!

    I have started my channel recently and since then I've been working on making everything about my videos as flawless as possible, considering the quality of the found material I work with. Please give me your feedback on my video, and I will do the same for you for at least the next three days.
  8. abhinavguptaonline

    How Long Does The Average Youtuber Take To Create Video?

    I'd like to find out from as many youtubers as possible how long their creation time is in general. If you're creation/editing time is lower than the average, then WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS TO SPEED!??!?!?! Please lets work together to find faster methods to streamline the process. Currently...
  9. Deltoy

    How Long Should an Intro Be?

    Let's face it -- People have short attention spans these days. So how long should an intro be? Should you even have an intro? Because people say it should be no shorter than 15 seconds max. When I make an intro I want it to be short and get right to the point. So I will make a poll on this.