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  1. T

    I have an idea that I need help with, please help!

    I used to make paranormal videos of myself contacting the dead through EVP and due to religious beliefs I can no longer do it. So, I have decided to make paranormal reaction videos and short horror film reaction videos. My problem is, i can't figure out how make them. Should I make them under...
  2. Jon Brooks

    10,000 subscribers and 6 Million views

    Hi guys, I'm delighted to say that my YouTube channel has just hit 10,000 subscribers and 6 million views! Yay! Good luck and best wishes to everyone building their channel and creating content too. Jon Brooks
  3. HereIsYourHero

    Would you watch videos with upcoming tech?

    Looking for a new video format on Yt. Kind of leaks, rumors and latest news. Would you watch that? Thanks! Title might be 'What's Next?' Or if you have an other idea that might look like it, please feel free to share! :-)
  4. FloFloBear

    Do your friends support you and your videos?

    I know I only made a few videos and should probably not draw conclusions yet, but I wanted to share what I've experienced so far. For all my videos, it feels like I am getting a lot more support and genuine appreciation from people on the internet or strangers who happen to stumble upon my...
  5. P

    Pokemon top video ideas

    Hi everyone thanks for coming to this thread/forum, so I am a very small youtuber (50+) subs. Anyways I need some help... So I make pokemon videos (obviously) and I need some video ideas. Top 10 video ideas would be awesome but I can do anything. Thanks for the help :D
  6. G

    Do you subtitle your videos?

    Hey, just want to know how many people still create their own subtitles for their youtube vids, or do you just let youtube add captions to it?
  7. SandManOnly

    This will interest you.

    So I was wondering, If you wanted to make a let's play on youtube what will be the game you would choose and why, I'm thinking of making a let's play of This War Of Mine Anniversary Edition what do you think ?
  8. Kira.Yamaguchi

    Youtube Video FPS. Is it necessary?

    Been watching quite a few videos lately and most of them are in the 60fps group. Is it really necessary or worth it to record and upload HD (1080p or 720p) videos in 60fps? Is the rendering time and file size really worth it? I want to hear your opinions on this.
  9. KantoGaming


    I can't help but not have the motivation to make youtube videos because I feel like they are terrible quality. I understand the whole do YouTube cause you have fun with it, and I do have fun, I just get embarrassed to put my videos out sometimes because I feel like they are terrible So yeah...
  10. KantoGaming

    Knowing if you are posting Quality Content?

    We all struggle with this. Or, at least I know I do. It's really hard to know if your videos are "good quality" . As far as editing, content, and just if the overall video is entertaining /interesting. SO! I think it would be a good idea to start a thread where you can comment what you...
  11. Its Ryan


    The big problem with many people and the biggest reason why people leave and quit youtube is motivation. Many people forget why they actually started youtube and all of a sudden the numbers start to take over. So here are some ways that I stay motivated. 1) Instead of focusing on growing I...
  12. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I am feeling very curious today. I just wanted to know what you guys do on youtube and why are you doing it? I do funny moments on games because I just love to make people laugh and I love seeing my progress in these videos.
  13. Its Ryan


    Hey guys!!! I have been gaming on youtube for about 2 months and I have really been enjoying it!!! But I have always wanted to do more. I was deciding on whether or not I should make a new youtube channel with things that I have always wanted to do. But here is the problem. If you look at my...
  14. R

    Gaming Of gamers wanted to join me for videos to upload to YouTube

    alright people, I'm looking for guy and girls 18+ To join me in game to upload to youtube. Requirements Be naturally funny (no awkward silences) Have a decent mic Able to play frequently Play the games (gmod, dayz, arma Altis life, CSGO, team fortress,) ;if you have other games I am willing to...
  15. MultiDragon129

    Who inspired you to start making Gaming Videos? =P Storytime...

    From the very beginning, it started with me watching ProtonJonSA and specifically his Super Mario World Let's Plays....and even MORE specifically, his Kaizo Mario LP and I watched it over and over again. I wanted to be just like him because he was really funny and I loved watching all his Kaizo...
  16. RavenAlixis

    I Have More Videos Than Subscribers

    Hey guys! So I upload on youtube a lot! And I mean three videos a week and I kind of want to boost it up to four but I feel like that is more than the average youtuber.... right? But anyway, is it bad that I have more videos than subscribers, because most small you tubers and I mean under 100 or...
  17. JustMonotone

    Gaming Looking for a Mature and Fun Gaming Group!

    Hey guys, JustMonotone here! I have been doing some research about how to grow on YouTube and a lot of people say collaboration is a good way to enjoy yourself while gathering your sub bases from both parties. I am looking for someone/people who are mature and like to have fun while gaming on...
  18. Aro-En

    What Do You Do While Your Video Is Rendering?

    Looking at the progression bar is boring, I either leave it overnight or go out while it renders...I have a REALLY crappy PC:depressed2: