Its Ryan

Hey guys!!! I have been gaming on youtube for about 2 months and I have really been enjoying it!!! But I have always wanted to do more. I was deciding on whether or not I should make a new youtube channel with things that I have always wanted to do.
But here is the problem. If you look at my gaming channel it has some hardcore editing and it takes me a long time to do them. So if I do another channel it will take me even more time.
So should i do it!?
Yes of course - why not. It is always nice to explore something new. Just keep it easy (do not waste too much time with editing) and clean (no spam and scam) and enjoy! :)
Definitely! It is always awesome to try new things and broaden your horizons! Good luck to you and I hope it all works out!

I also run multiple channels. It is definitely worth it. However, I always try to prioritize one channel. In my opinion it is also important to work on only one channel at a time. For example, this month I only work on videos for Channel 1 and next month I try to focus on videos for Channel 2 and so on.... due to Workflow optimization.

good luck

Hi, depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to go for growth, I would prioritize your first channel as much as possible (like a business), it's difficult enough already to grow as a starter :)
If you're more focussed on enjoying your time and youtube growth is not critical, go for it I would say. You could e.g. reduce the upload frequency of your second channel compared to the first one if you're struggling to keep up with the uploads.
I think build one channel till it's sustainable and generating sufficient traffic on it's own.
Then consider a second channel.
We will definitely do a second channel, once this one gets to a good traffic level. then you have lots of strategies to promote the new channel and get it decent growth right out the gate.