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  1. dylanchipolina

    The Keys To Success On YouTube

    1. FOLLOW YOUR PASSION In my opinion this is the most important rule of them all. I'd highly recommend creating content about something you enjoy doing, that way you won't feel forced to create videos or have a hard time doing it. If you enjoy doing what you are creating that will allow you to...
  2. scuffedpuppie

    YouTube Tips For Getting Started?

    So I'm a new creator to the platform. I've always admired YouTubers and wanted to do one myself but I never had the courage to do so until recently. However, all the tips videos I watch always cater towards YouTubers who have established a certain foundation already. I feel it's pointless for me...
  3. Ivana Kinsley

    Can you still make money off of creative Commons on YouTube after their update in 2019?

    Last year we can make money using Youtube creative commons video like affiliate,cpa or any other task. But after 2019 update creative commons video stop their service? Is it all country or selected country.
  4. Ivana Kinsley

    What free source can give me 200 to 1,000 free YouTube views?

    I have a brand new channel about pet niche. But there was no view. My video content concept was how to train your pet, pet care, pet funny moments etc. How can I get view using free sources on internet.
  5. A

    Can someone explain this to me?

    Hi my name is Kevin from Alvamated. I started my YT channel two weeks ago. I've uploaded two videos so far, in which a lot of time was spent (6 hours per video). I make whiteboard animation to teach people something or to provide new insights. but my videos do not get views at aside from the...
  6. christielaw19

    Channel Review and tips

    Hi guys! I am a new youtuber and I'm still learning all of the ropes of youtube! I was wondering if anyone has time if they wouldn't mind checking out my channel and giving me some tips on how I can approve! I'm still working on a better profile banner, so any ideas or tips on that would be...
  7. GameCable

    How to start YouTube

    I want to join, but i'm worried that I won't have enough time thanks to school and all that. I was thinking I could just record a whole heap of videos on sundays and upload them every day for the week. And I also think its to late to start YouTube. What do I do? P.S. I want to do gaming videos!
  8. Dayn Brian

    How Can I Improve My Channel to Get More Views?

    What's good guys, Daynasty here! I've been a user here for at least 1 year. I've been changing around with my channel stuff(logo,thumbnail,banner etc.) which I know is bad. Now I have come to the one I really want to stick with. Here is where I need your help! Can you please comment on my:- 1...
  9. RaskyGames11

    How do I grow and improve

    I've been doing youtube about a month or so now and I've gained about 76 subs. Which is awesome, but here lately it seems like my views have taken a dip and i haven't really been gaining any subs either and i stream a lot and i put lots of hours into the editing to make them entertaining but am...
  10. Senevids

    What is your biggest piece of advice for YouTube (or life)

    I feel the most valuable piece of advice I ever got was to just keep producing what you love. The only surefire thing to help you grow on Youtube, and in life, is to just keep putting yourself out there for the world to enjoy. But what's your biggest piece of advice that you have heard?
  11. 3

    Suggestions for youtube channel?

    Hello, Recently I began a music channel where I post various genres of music like trap, ambient music. I would appreciate if somebody could take a look at my Youtube page and provide constructive criticism. If possible please tell me what your opinion is on my content or even what you think of...
  12. Chicken Tendies

    A problem I have been having

    So I have been doing Youtube for over a year now and I only have 54 subs. I have advertised myself all over the place; YTtalk, Facebook, Reddit, instagram and Discord servers and nobody is subscribing. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have been reviewed on this cite multiple times and the...
  13. D

    suggested/recomended videos help ?

    right now im really confused my audience retention is over 50% on all my videos my ctr is 11.7% but youtube isnt suggesting my videos only 7-13% of my impressions come from suggested. none of y videos have ever done good in the suggested feed is there something im doing wrong ? is it a lack of...
  14. 3

    Where can I share my videos?

    I'm aware of forums like reddit and then the obvious social media locations like twitter, Facebook, steam, etc. Does anyone know any good places to share videos (particularly trap music)? If you have had any experiences with these places please feel free to share them. Thank you
  15. Connor's Corner

    Channel won't appear on YouTube Kids app. So Frustrated.

    My 7-year-old nephew's channel (Connor's Corner UCdHjZQr1mlQRL-3gOLjn8hQ ) is not appearing on the YouTube Kids app. It's frustrating because he and his friends can't watch his channel on their YouTube Kids app. Everyone says that there is "nothing you can do".. .YouTube's filters choose...
  16. Amber lynx

    Black balled YT channel

    I have been trying to grow the last two years but I can’t seem to get anywhere. So I recently started looking into seo and how to go about doing that right and I’ve started changing old videos to for the mold and what not. It hasn’t been that long so maybe the results are coming soon. However is...
  17. Friendlyman

    Ways to promote channel

    My channel growth has came to a stop lately and its been like this for 2 weeks I only gained 1 sub last week which is worrying me I dont want to be stuck at the same subs count for to long so im asking here for ways I can promote my channel a bit more.
  18. T

    help Needed

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a few people to help me create this YouTube channel. I want to create this channel so we can see the prospective of other creators in the YouTube community. I want to help other people grow, i don't have any money to offer this is a totally a free thing i cant...
  19. M

    How Do I Rank My Vlogs?

    I know people don't go searching for vlogs, but how can I make it so that when they are searching for something, I also pop up. This will give me a greater chance of getting clicked on, but I don't know how to get my vlogs to ranks. I've watched countless videos on ranking but none have been...
  20. Th3XoCat

    Gaming I would love to collaborate with others

    Make sure you sub to me and post in the comment section you wanna collab. If you wanna know how to put your youtube channel on here then just ask i'll tell.
  21. Kaitlyn Moore

    I'm Stuck

    Hello! So 2017 was a pretty rocky year for my YouTube channel. My subscriber count just kinda stopped growing half way through the year and the views decreased. My subscribe counts only goes from 350-357 and everyday I loose and gain like the same number of subs ever since the summer it's really...
  22. MZ-101

    I post quality videos, and can’t seem to get my desired amount of views.

    I used to post consistently about gaming news, mostly Battlefield news. They were alright, and they did get views, especially the ones posted right around the period of a new release. Reviews gets me to the 1000, or so views. However, I got bored of them, and the views I got, despite the how...
  23. S.A.D

    NOTHIING is working!!!

    Ok let me give the down-low i have been doing youtube going onto 2 years now, in that time, we only have amassed a static 379 subs. Now on average, we would be lucky if our vids ever hit 10+ views, not including the time youtube add views when you check you vid in the creator studio. Now...
  24. GuildFra

    Should i still record different sytles of videos?

    When i was starting this channel i think that it will all be in sketches , but sketches take lot of time and i lost a bit motivation when i got hate on my video(but i put about 5hrs to edit that and + to record).Then i decide to make 1 funny (sketch) video and then 2 gaming videos, do you guys...
  25. Milano and Lelas toy box

    AdWords Advertising tips and advice

    We started our channel about a month ago, we are basically a kid/family focused channel. we have 11 videos and we have used google AdWords to promote some of them. Our target audience is kids/parents and on a couple of our video campaigns we have received more dislikes then likes on two of the...
  26. Courtney Candice

    YouTube comments disappearing

    I noticed that comments under my videos are disappearing at first I thought YouTube was putting them into the spam section so I checked that's not it, for the past couple days my comments have been slowly disappearing!

    Has Anyone Ever Had To Start Over?

    So I had a channel about two years ago that was up to around 2,000 subscribers and was getting plenty of views and interaction, and was growing steadily. Unfortunately, one of the songs I used as background music on multiple videos was copyrighted, even though it was from a video that said...
  28. KantoGaming

    Reaching 1k

    I'm having such a struggle reaching 1k subs. I've had my channel for about a year, but did take a few months off. I see new gaming channels all the time taking off and I seem to be stuck. I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong. I post to twitter and Tumblr when a video comes out. Any other...
  29. K

    Playlists within a playlist

    I notice some channels have more categories in their playlists other than the "Created Playlists" A channel by Bio Rad Laboratories does this. how do they get playlists within a playlist?
  30. HearingMind

    I can't remove a livestream video from my channel.

    well i livestreamed a few days ago, but today when i checked my channel page i saw it was on my videos page. but when i go to videos manager it's not there. Is there a way to remove this?