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Hello everyone.

I'm looking for a few people to help me create this YouTube channel. I want to create this channel so we can see the prospective of other creators in the YouTube community. I want to help other people grow, i don't have any money to offer this is a totally a free thing i cant pay you anything this is for FUN Unless we start getting paid then we will spilt the money.

I know a few things on YouTube to help this channel grow, but i want the help of other creators to get more variety in the channel.

Everyone can record there own videos and help promote the videos to, But everyone can have there set roles as well.

Must have computer.
Must have a way to contact you.
Log in to Monday so we can set progress on videos and other stuff
Must be friendly and good with other people
Must be a team player
Must put the best effort in the videos you can.

I hope to hear for you soon, thank you for your time.[DOUBLEPOST=1520309382,1520309304][/DOUBLEPOST]YouTube channel has not been created yet, but is in progress.
YouTube channel ha
I've moved this to the collaboration forum.

Ok, i did not know were to put it.[DOUBLEPOST=1520316561,1520316477][/DOUBLEPOST]
I've moved this to the collaboration forum.
this is the collaboration forum? that's what it says for me[DOUBLEPOST=1520321432][/DOUBLEPOST]
I've moved this to the collaboration forum.
i moved it over there and it got deleted, so right here is fine
you interest me a want to help you contact me on discord my username is huntermourad#2017 or my skype it's mourad afassi just like my channel name