youtube 2018

  1. Crown

    Goals for 2019

    2019 is almost here and it's time to publicly declare your 2019 goals: How many subs would you like to have at the end of 2019? How many views would you like to have at the end of 2019? What are your other YouTube goals for your channel for 2019 (unrelated to subs and views) ? Share with us!
  2. GameCable

    Logan Paul, the worlds most "disliked" YouTuber

    OK, we all know who he is, I got what's written below from a thread on titled "How Logan Paul went from one of the world’s most famous YouTube stars to universally hated". So here is the full article: (Links and have been removed) HE was the world’s most famous YouTube star, but...
  3. Ellythium

    Gaming New peeps to collab with

    Hello! I am open for any games from Racing, First Person Shooters, to horror. I am open to all of them :D Platform: I am a PC gamer. Timezone: EST Age: 16+ Subscribers: 191 Channel: Ellythium I would love to have new people to game with and to make videos with. I love meeting new people and...
  4. G

    YouTuber in Southampton i do exploring and paranormal investigations

    Wanting to colab with some people Hi guys up for a adventure? join me on ghost TV I will bring you ghost hunts paranormal investigations urban myths and legends exploring ...
  5. FloFloBear

    400 subscribers!

    After posting a brief video with our guinea piges, I reached 400 subscribers on my channel! I am incredibly happy and wanted to share the news here. It motivates me to keep making videos and I am really thankful for everyone who supports me. Now I will focus on reaching the next goal: 500!
  6. A

    Should I follow my dreams even if my parents are against it?

    So i've been doing YouTube for about 4 months and I have 428 subscribers. This is great and all, and this might come off a bit greedy, but I want MORE. I am a very humble person and I feel like there is so much I could offer to the YouTube community. The only problem is, my parents are totally...
  7. King Munch

    Anyone There?

    Is there any animators on here?
  8. King Munch

    Is it possible?

    Is it possible for me to reach 200 subscribers in a month if i already have 100?
  9. Mark Stise

    Opening a Playlist with 25 videos at the same time.

    Hello everyone: I have an idea and I would like to get some input on it Now normally the number of videos in various playlists. I am planning on setting up a series of videos on the same subject (Star Wars the Clone Wars) These videos will be set to private until I have all 25 videos up and...
  10. Iam_Son_Of_Odin

    Gaming Are you a Youtuber and record GMOD??

    Hey! Im about to start doing youtube, and some of the stuff I want to record is Garry's mod. Soo Im looking for someone else who want to play Gmod on private servers. My vision is to work hard with youtube so im planning to play alot everyday. Im planning to play Prop hunt, deathrun, guess...
  11. Mark Stise

    Why does Misery love company on Youtube???

    Why does Misery love company on Youtube??? My father in Law was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last week. As such I decided to do a Playlist Vlog so that any family member or friends from back east could stay up to date on what is going on with his condition. Interestingly enough these self same...
  12. T

    help Needed

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a few people to help me create this YouTube channel. I want to create this channel so we can see the prospective of other creators in the YouTube community. I want to help other people grow, i don't have any money to offer this is a totally a free thing i cant...
  13. Justin Bernardino

    Video Ideas

    Would you guys be interested in videos in which I talk about personal stories to help inspire and make people happy? I'll also try to do something different and bring guest people and get them to share their own stories too so people can hear others stories
  14. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Is It Too Late To Start A Youtube Channel in 2018?

    Is It Too Late To Start A Youtube Channel 2018 // Is it too late to start YouTube? Should I restart my youtube channel? A very common question i get asked alot. Starting A YouTube Channel should be done for any reasons, but don't be the "next Logan Paul" be the FIRST YOU! Too Late to Start...
  15. Samiphany

    20+ Subscribers Milestone & What I've Learned

    Hi all! As of yesterday I acquired 24 subscribers and wanted to share some things I've learned over the past few months which I think will be especially helpful for YouTubers who have just started their journey on the platform: • Quality Over Quantity: If you make videos too often you may burn...
  16. ThinkGear

    LOCKED - Youtube Changed Monetization Rules 2018 (Bad News for Small Youtubers)

    Youtube Changed Monetization Rules 2018 (Bad News for Small Youtubers). Earlier we need 10000 views only. However, now we need 4000 hours of watch time + 1000 subscribers. This is tough for small youtubers and youtube has given 1 month grace time for the exisisting youtubers who enabled this :)
  17. curtis o'keeffe

    Breaking A World Record! | Vlog 2

  18. Cameron Arnold


    Wassup fellow youtubers and Camsters if u know who i am another year have come and gone i wanna know what gonna happen on youtube during 2018 i hope dat youtube fix their Youtube Rewind whats you guys think
  19. Worth it dudes

    How long did it take you to get to 1k subscribers?

    HI all, started our games & movie review in June 2017 and i feel that movement is slow with subscribers :( how long did it take you guys to reach 1k subs ? also any advice for a new channel would be massively appreciated :)
  20. sequan123

    Are Youtubers Honest??

    Have you guys have a youtuber try to give an tutorial on how to grow your channel? such as vloggers or youtubers in general, now ask yourself this does all of them not sound the same using terms such as "use tags, make description longer, seo, optimize video, be consistent." in my opinion...