Cameron Arnold

Loving YTtalk
Wassup fellow youtubers and Camsters if u know who i am another year have come and gone i wanna know what gonna happen on youtube during 2018 i hope dat youtube fix their Youtube Rewind whats you guys think
Unfortunately, everyone's expecting yet another adpocalypse after this Logan Paul thing. Google doesn't do a good job of mitigating the source problems and instead combats these kind of events by striking a big fat hammer on the entirety of the platform. It sucks but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case.
I predict:

  1. Huge competition from facebook, Amazon, maybe even Apple and many other social media platforms.
  2. Rising costs and falling ad revenue.
  3. More scandals about content and more negative sentiment from the media and the general public with regards to Youtubers.
  4. Maybe even legislation and regulation.
  5. Probably a change in strategy away from creator content and more towards streaming of content (like Netflix)

Yeah, unfortunately I don't see a bright future for Youtube.
I think that in 2018, Youtube will create better community guidelines (and enforce them better) and heal their relationship with advertisers.

This is just a rough patch that they are going through, and they've got plenty of resources to throw at it. There will be no competition for Youtube in 2018, if ever. Nothing to worry about.
I see a future of users getting what they want and YouTube will start listening to their users too! and their gonna have better communication!!! and I also think youtubers are gonna get tons of revenue and no more videos will get demonetized for no reason!!1! and i also think youtube is gonna be the most stable social media platform hAhAHAhahAHA!!!!1!!1!