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Hi all! As of yesterday I acquired 24 subscribers and wanted to share some things I've learned over the past few months which I think will be especially helpful for YouTubers who have just started their journey on the platform:

• Quality Over Quantity: If you make videos too often you may burn yourself out or post inconsistently from creative block, which for perfectionist creators like myself, can be really frustrating. Upload at the frequency of your passion for what you do. Although uploading consistently is important to YouTube, your quality and your ability to perform comfortably within your means will always attract more people.

• The Perfectionism Barrier: Uploading something that is imperfect is better than spending weeks stressing out about how perfect you want one project to be. Editing and life in general is a learning experience and the learning can't take place if you are too afraid to fail. Failure is essential to growth and success. No one succeeds without it, so don't be afraid.

• Working Hard & Being Different? Not Enough: There are plenty of people out there who are not only working hard, but are unique. After all every individual is unique. Passion is a priceless attribute that can be hard to find. Don't just work hard or be different. Be passionate about what you do - Otherwise someone who is will get farther. And it's not even a matter of competition. It's a matter of your dreams will remain dreams without a passion for them. Obsess over your niche. Make sure it's something fun, so whether you reach your goals by a deadline or not, it's still an investment in your happiness.

Those are the top three things I've learned! Feel free to share any tips you have with others below. Also, what are your goals for your channel? What are you going to do differently to get there? My goal is 100 subscribers by Summer and I'm going to connect with more creatives like myself to get there.