1. bhardwajzone

    How to Introduce Yourself on Youtube?

    While creating your first youtube video you should always remember these few tips that'll help you build a strong audience base that already understands your channel content and are interested to know about the same in the future also. That's why we are here to help you find the correct way to...
  2. BestNerdLife

    Hit 10,000 views! Woop woop!

    As you can tell by the title of this thread, I recently hit 10,000 views! Super happy with that.
  3. kenziecantdraw

    How to Promote Content that Isn't What You're "Popular" For?

    To sum up my channel a bit: *I've been posting on YouTube since August 2018. *I took a six month break around December, right as my sub count started growing. *I just started posted again about a month ago, but I'm trying to change up my content because I'm not excited about the content that I...
  4. S


    Ive been a gaming youtuber now for several months and I think its time to collaborate. I play a lot of fortnite so If you're into fornite let me know and we can play MUSTS have a mic and be decent to talk to enjoy playing fortnite and produce fortnite videos to be able to produce funny content...
  5. Thelazysideoflife

    Another dozen

    So I got an insignificant milestone on my channel but for me it means a lot. Just reached 40 subscribers!
  6. Onyx Arcane

    Onyx has hit 10!!!...... ...

    Onyx...... has hit 10... Onyx is new to the tube but Onyx is faceless. Is that the reason why Onyx is growing slowly? Why can Onyx acquire these subscriber steroids?
  7. CryptoJitsu

    Is it ok to reward subscribers?

    I'm a new channel and new creator and want to reward a random number of subscribers with some of the stuff my channel is about ( ie, cryptocurrency ) ... is this ok? Of course, it's my 'stuff' and I should be able to give it away to whomever I want... but I didn't want to violate some policy...
  8. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Is It Too Late To Start A Youtube Channel in 2018?

    Is It Too Late To Start A Youtube Channel 2018 // Is it too late to start YouTube? Should I restart my youtube channel? A very common question i get asked alot. Starting A YouTube Channel should be done for any reasons, but don't be the "next Logan Paul" be the FIRST YOU! Too Late to Start...
  9. Samiphany

    20+ Subscribers Milestone & What I've Learned

    Hi all! As of yesterday I acquired 24 subscribers and wanted to share some things I've learned over the past few months which I think will be especially helpful for YouTubers who have just started their journey on the platform: • Quality Over Quantity: If you make videos too often you may burn...
  10. Takadaroba

    200 Subscribers

    Hello everybody! After having my channel since 2011, creating almost 500 videos, and reaching over 40,000 views, I have finally reached 200 subscribers! This was such a big goal for me since it felt like the time between 100 and 200 felt like years upon years, I'm so so happy to have finally...
  11. tonyphan

    I Hit my First 100 Subs today!

    I just hit 100 today. Can't describe how happy I am when waking up and see sub #100. It might not be a lot to others but it means a lots to me. I had been uploading my travel videos on Youtube since the end of 2015 as a way to keep my memories. But it was two months ago when I decided to do...
  12. BlackSpiderYT

    10 Subscribers Can I REACH 15

    HEY i am hearing because i just reached 10 subscribers i dont think i should have reached it with only 1 video but still i am thankful because i have had a couple of channels and this is the fastest growing channel
  13. PickleStar


    Hey, guys! I'm doing a super-duper 1K subscriber special for my channel, and I'm trying to get as many questions as possible! It's going to be up on Tuesday the 29th! Whoever sends in a question, I'll be sure to mention the name of your channel with the question, yo. I appreciate your guys help...
  14. tonyphan

    30 Subscribers After A Month (Before: 1 Year and 2 subscribers)

    I reached 30 subscribers yesterday! That's not a big number but to me it is. I still remember the frustration when producing video but no one watches or subscribes but its improving. After a month of studying YouTube and numerous hours of learning video editing through YouTube. My lesson so...
  15. The Maker

    70 Subscribers! One Problem Though...

    Hello YTtalk, I hit 70 subscribers a few days ago and wanted to let everyone know. Thank you for the continued support! I have one problem though. for the month of April I got 1440 minutes watched, for the month of May I got 3188 minutes watched, and for the month of June I got 2738 minutes...
  16. Midos the Polar Bear

    Is there a way to see...

    ...what video a viewer was watching when they clicked the "subscribe" button?
  17. CorporalKilljoy

    600 Subscriber Special!!! Awesome Voice Impressions (Donald Trump, Markiplier, Morgan Freeman)

    A big thanks to everyone who has subscribed so far. Here is a little something for all my subscribers and something for anyone else who has come across my channel. Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the video. Really helps with the channel Also Support the channel on PATREON here...
  18. BrinoVlogs


    The promposal for my 3 year girlfriend! Enjoy
  19. BrinoVlogs


    I worked really hard on this vlog, completing it in 4 hours of no sleep till 5 am. I think this is one of my best work!
  20. Pluto

    50 Subs!

    After about 7 years on and off youtube i've finally figured out what type of content I like to create. It seems like that's paid off! I can't wait to see whats in store moving forward :)
  21. Dollebob

    200 subs!! Never thought i will get there so quick, im so happy :)

    Hello there YTF :D I just reached 200 subs !! Its Amazing, never thought it will go so fast. All the support i have gotten since i started has been a great help. It really means alot to me and im glad that peopel like the content im putting out. Have a nice day everybody ;) Much Love, Dollebob <3
  22. FurryFriends


    Channel got 20,000 views couple days ago! :) Thanks!! :)
  23. The Naz Show

    I have my first subscriber and video comment

    We all have to start somewhere and I just got my first subscriber and video comment. That is a milestone for me and I'm pretty sure it is for some of you as well. Cheers!
  24. ApexTV

    60,000 Subscribers and 30 Million Views!

    Hello good people of YTTalk! We our glad to announce that our YouTube channel has reached 60,000 subscribers and a total of over 30 million views across all our videos. This is fantastic news, considering we have been active on YouTube for over two years and are glad to finally see some...
  25. GBeeTV

    100 Subscribers!

    Hey all! Just found this forum and what better way to start things off by posting my first milestone, a 100 subscribers! My conversion of views to subs is really high at the moment so my goal going further will be to get more views! Best of luck to everyone else!
  26. LifeWithLauren

    Vlog Collab from anywhere around the world!!!

    Hey Guys! I've had such a great idea of how we can grow our channels in a short amount of time. So basically we create a channel, you upload a video on your slotted day of the week then POOF you're channel is growing! This can range from story times, vlogs, travelling, ANYTHING you want. And...
  27. sphamedia

    I tried to thank my fans the best that i could

    I made my 100 subs special and i tried my hardest to thank them the best way i could think of, what do you guys think?
  28. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Make A Subscribe Link For Your YouTube Channel

    ◉Subscribe & help me to grow---- ❝Used Code-----?sub_confirmation=1 (add this code at the last of your channel URL)❞ Subscriber.The most valuable thing for a channel.& who don't more subscriber.So for gain more...
  29. Jgaust Online

    Who would've thought?

    That a rinky-dink channel like mine would attract 40 subscribers? Seriously, that means 40 other people out there enjoy my gaming videos enough to hit the subscribe button! IDK about you guys but I am pretty picky with who I subscribe to. It's a mind blowing and AMAZING feeling. Had to get...
  30. DuncanT

    Thoughts on people who do sub4sub?

    Haha, that clickbait was pretty cool! Just a disclaimer, I'M NOT DOING SUB 4 SUB OR WHATEVER, 100% OF MY SUBSCRIBERS ARE LEGIT AND PEOPLE THAT WATCH --- Hey guys! So I was wondering since there is still so much sub4sub going on, have you guys ever done it or are you doing it? I just want to...