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70 Subscribers! One Problem Though...

The Maker

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Hello YTtalk,
I hit 70 subscribers a few days ago and wanted to let everyone know. Thank you for the continued support! I have one problem though. for the month of April I got 1440 minutes watched, for the month of May I got 3188 minutes watched, and for the month of June I got 2738 minutes watched. Does this trend indicate that I am going downhill from now on, or is it just a hiccup? I know you guys are not analysts, but It seemed like a bad omen to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am exited to hear you responses!
I'm no expert but there could be a few factors.

1) Probably the biggest factor is that its the start of summer, some people are on holiday, some people are just spending more time outdoors etc.

2) How did your content compare over those months. Maybe May had more minutes viewed because you produced more videos (or longer ones) than you did in June.

3) Did you advertise your channel/videos more or less in May than you did in June.

4) Maybe your vids in May just covered more interesting topics (i dont know what type of channel you have)
Changes in watch time can come with the territory. Mostly, I'd see what's performing well, what people watch the whole video (or close to the whole video) of the most, and what makes them click away. All of that is in your analytics reports, so take some time to figure out how all that works and see what changes you can make.