1. S

    Problem with video quality on Youtube

    Hi, I'm sefigu and I have a very serious problem with the quality of my YouTube videos. This problem is certainly due to my ignorance, so I am asking you for help my dear friends. - Recording programs and devices: I've recorded my video in 24, 30, 60 frames at 1920x1080p resolution through my...
  2. CriticalMax

    How to clean up / restart my channel. Does deleting video help?

    Ok I will try to make it short. Basically, was a Youtuber before I started streaming on Twitch. I thought it would be good to cut and post my playthrough on Youtube. Clearly, it did not work and most of these videos, after more than a year, stay there with 10 views or less. Thing is, I do have...
  3. PMW

    I can't login to YouTube and access my creator studios? Is this a ban?

    So yesterday I could easily get on my channel and edit content, upload and so on but I wake up this morning and it wont let me. I tried logging out and back in and still same error. I don't know how to post a picture here and it wont let me post a link here but the error states: "Sorry, we...
  4. C

    a problem with youtube

    Hi guys I have a youtube channel about tech, last month i make a video in my channel about a software that you help u to download youtube videos easy, recently youtube give me a strike about the video, she told me that i violate YouTube's Terms of Use or Community Guidelines. My question is...
  5. GTCastle

    My Comments Show Up Only For Me

    Hello i am new to this forum and to youtube as a channel owner ,i have a big problem and i couldn't find a solution ,i tried along time ago to promote my videos with youtube comments on other viral videos with videos links my channel link etc ... not knowing that this will cause to get my...
  6. Your Buddy Gas

    Profile picture not updating in search results

    I wanted to have a really good background and decided to delete the icon while testing my background. I still had my profile picture. Than my profile pic didn't show up in search results. I decided to add the profile picture to the background again, but it's not updating in the search results...
  7. LeonArts

    Youtube Sidebar Problem ?!?! How can i solve this ?

    Why there is so much space between the options ? This problem started when i've reached 1k subscribers and i don't know how to fix it. This problem is only for my main channel, the second channel don't have this issue. Please guys help me :c
  8. The Maker

    70 Subscribers! One Problem Though...

    Hello YTtalk, I hit 70 subscribers a few days ago and wanted to let everyone know. Thank you for the continued support! I have one problem though. for the month of April I got 1440 minutes watched, for the month of May I got 3188 minutes watched, and for the month of June I got 2738 minutes...
  9. AbyssDroidZ

    What To Do To Get Notice By The Viewers

    I need help on my channel and thinking why I'm not growing even 1 sub and my friends grow but not me.... Is there a trick to get notice by the viewers and click the sub button?????
  10. TheGameGateway

    Struggling With Clash Royale

    Hey there guys, there's probably either an easy solution or an easy answer to this which I can't seem to work out, but I've been playing clash royale for a little while now, I think I'm either arena 6 or 7 and wanted to start making videos on it as I'm starting to get at the very least average...
  11. Style Child

    Problem with my View Count?

    Hi YTTalk, The video of my channel with the most views at the moment is called "M I A M I L I F E" and currently boasts 47 views...or at least i think it does??? when i look at the video while logged into my creator account the video claims 47 views but when it is found in the suggestions or...
  12. L

    Channel Claimed by Rumblefish??

    Hi everyone i have a problem.... I decided to check out my channel on social blade and see what it has to say about my channel. However i noticed that it says my channel is claimed by a network called Rumblefish. I have never been contacted by them and have never attempted to make contact. I...
  13. L

    FAMEBIT: Has anyone had this problem?

    Basically it says i have required actions, but when i click on it it says it won't show some of them becasue of my filters. When i click on remove filters nothing happens.. and i'm not even sure what filters is it talking about lol
  14. F.C.E. 365

    YouTube Creator Studio is broken?

    Hi, If I recall accurately, 2 weeks ago my iOS Creator Studio suddenly broke, I received notifications but if I click on em, at that time the app would simply redirect to a page "No comments Found", or a simple white page. Starting from 2 days ago, I no longer receive notifications at all...
  15. DarkNinjaYT

    The Problem With A Shoutout Series

    Hello, recently I've notice this trend appearing more often, and I have a serious problem with it and I wanted to discuss it to see if anyone sees it differently. It's the shoutout series that I see a bunch of small channels doing it and it gives me the feeling they don't care about helping...
  16. MasterAceTV

    My Channel Isn't Growing!

    Hello fellow YouTubers! I have an issue with my channel that is happening for me quite long. My YouTube channel isn't growing. It's stuck with the same amount of subscribers and less views from when i had 100 subscribers (Now i have 370). I heard tons of Tips & Tricks from a lot of different...
  17. Adamsy

    Youtube monetization issue

    Hey everyone, i have an issue with a youtube monetization, i looked around yesterday for a while but i can't find the reason anywhere why my video isn't able for monetization, i know this shouldn't be on as a smaller channel but i would like to know the issue why it happened tho this video...
  18. Djams

    Is daily vlogs too much videos??

    Hi guys! I was wondering if I should consider changing the way I upload videos to my channel! Right now I'm doing daily vlogs but I was thinking maybe people won't subscribe if they found it to be too much videos coming like everyday, so should I consider maybe upload weekly or every other day...
  19. Fusion

    quality problems

    When I render a video I set it to 1080p. And the mp4. file is the quality I asked for but if I upload that mp4. file to youtube it's set to 360p although on my pc the file is still high quality. This happened to my last 5 videos. Can someone please help me because now it seams that I record and...
  20. Kousuke-shii

    Need Help with my Youtube Channel name!

    Hey guys, I seem to be having a problem here at YTtalk... My Channel's name is Kousuke-shii Æ but YTtalk doesn't allow that. The Æ part. So, is there any other way to link my Channel with my account? I don't really want to change my Channel name but that is my last resort.
  21. LoudMouthZander

    Anyone using OBS to record their game play having the same problem while editing?

    I use OBS to record my game plays and the files are in FLV. The problem is when I convert it to MP4 using a method I found online and try to edit on adobe premiere. The video doesn't seem to be in the correct frame size. There are black bars on the sides and the frame size ratio seems to be off...
  22. P

    Recording everything...

    I am a youtuber gamer and when I record, in order to be able to edit my vocals separately and sync every audio track and video track I have to record from three different places. I record my vocals, vocals and gameplay, and gameplay separately in order to be able to have a different track for...
  23. Aquachigger

    Jukin Media Owes Me Money: Need Advice

    I had a contract with Jukin Media for one of my videos and have run into a problem. They didn't pay me for the last few months they managed (and collected the revenue from) my video. They quit paying me right after I sent to them notice that I did not want to renew the The...
  24. Game-ature

    Scripts and Pacing - Am I doing it right?

    I feel like one of my biggest issues with my videos is the pacing and scripts that I come up with before hand. At some points, it works well for me but, in my opinion, the pacing is really off and I just seem like I get away from the main point of the video. Does anyone else have this problem...
  25. H

    The Problem with Big Games Or lack of Problems

    This is a game which a lot of people play... I used to play it a while back and I was in to the whole horror thing but I got out of it and it terrified me.I just feel like an attention ***** for playing this game and I would like to bring to light what is wrong with these games... nothing. That...
  26. M

    please i just need some help

    please i make about 7500 views perday but only 3% of them which are monetized i really don't know what is the problem or how can i fix it so can any one help please ?!!! note : a have many videos and they are all monetized but the videos that get the most views have lengths between 10 and 30...
  27. Aquachigger

    Jukin Media Disaster

    I need a little guidance, and hope I am not violating any rules here, but I have run out of ideas on how to tackle a problem with one of my videos that I licenced to JukinMedia. This is an issue that affects every YouTuber out there, and I have not seen it addressed in any threads yet. I will...
  28. itsnicksnider

    PMD Nightmare!!!!!

    Please like, comment & subscribe!