please i just need some help


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please i make about 7500 views perday but only 3% of them which are monetized i really don't know what is the problem or how can i fix it so can any one help please ?!!!
note : a have many videos and they are all monetized but the videos that get the most views have lengths between 10 and 30 seconds so can this be the problem ?
i am also partnered with bentpixels and i am looking forward to go with fullscreen could be the network a problem ?
This is probably fake but uh.

Do you have any copyrighted music on your videos?

Do you even have videos?

Are you real?

Am I real?

Where am I?

Well I have a certain problem here the number of monetized views is too low to the total views and all the videos are mine and I have no copyrighted notices the only problem is the number of monetized views
Can short videos affect it ?