Scripts and Pacing - Am I doing it right?


I feel like one of my biggest issues with my videos is the pacing and scripts that I come up with before hand. At some points, it works well for me but, in my opinion, the pacing is really off and I just seem like I get away from the main point of the video. Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any methods or techniques you guys use that I can integrate into my scripting and videos?
What are you referring to when you say scripts? (sorry I am a programmer)

What I found useful is creating a template (in sony vegas/video pad) But ive seen your channel and I do get what you mean where you trail off (good videos tho) might I suggest just editing the bits where you feel like you trail off out? I recently read that the recommended video length should be 2:57 seconds. hope this helps :)
Create a bullet point list that will keep you on track before you write the script with key points that you want to stay on topic. So like:

  • Intro
  • Burgers
    • why cheese is the best part
  • Fries
  • Drinks
    • Why baja blast is the best drink
  • Outro
Also, a lot of this comes down to editing. Don't worry about what happens while filming (video space is free, thank goodness), but when you start the editing process, be ruthless in what you cut out. If it wasn't in your original plan, and it doesn't add significantly to your original concept, cut it and burn it. :)
but when you start the editing process, be ruthless in what you cut out.

I think this is a great thing that I need to keep in mind. I feel like I am almost too careful or cautious with my material and I should be more critical of my scripting/editing. Thank you!
If I end up doing a talking video I try pace myself and take gaps in between In case when I come back I feel like I have rambled on for too long as I have a tendency to waffle on
I usually fix pacing issues during the editing. It's hard to do otherwise because you won't know which script parts will be an issue beforehand.

Only leave in things that advance your story/point or that are "super entertaining". When you're editing and are not sure whether some of your parts achieve that, cut them out and find out whether you truly miss them.
Never feel like you are going to fast when filming. Most times when you feel like its going to quick people slow down then it feels forced and wrong.
Most times when you watch back through a section that seemed too fast in filming - it will look totally natural.

I can usually feel while speaking that I have messed my timing up, just re shoot. Hell I will sometimes cut the two takes together if both have a good quality I want.

Dont be afraid to edit.