1. Rolz

    Lighting for videos?

    Hi guys whatsup! Hope you are all well. Just a quick question(mod feel free to move this if its in the wrong place): When shooting your actual videos (not recording gameplays) how do you get the lighting right? Do you just record in the morning when it's bright or do you situate some of those...
  2. Christie Levine

    Best way to advertise?

    Hey everyone! I'm uploading my first video and I wanted to know if anyone had a specific routine they go through in order to promote their youtube video and channel? My channel is brand new and I would really appreciate any advice! Thanks!
  3. alexmanzano

    What else can I do to promote my channel?

    So I began making tutorials on web development, and have seen some success, but not consistency. After uploading my video, I share my video accross social media accounts including forums, groups, and communities, but not many people watch it. I think my content is good and clear, but I see no...
  4. GeniePurple

    Thinking about my channel! Happy but Stuck in few things

    Hello dudes \m/ I been wondering about this for a few days and i trying to understand it but my head can't get around it for some reason.. Ok i make contents every Once a week as i work at 9 to 7 everyday. Cool i got 45 cool awesome subs you dudes but i can't seem to get around how i...
  5. Maarij Bashir

    Have you ever had a collaboration problem?

    Like you both started to collaborate on a project, but that project never gets finished? I had quite few of these problems. Anyone had something similar or different situation?
  6. KantoGaming


    Hey 'Tubers! I have a new intro setup. I heard that a good technique to have in the beginning of your videos is to show a funny clip/interesting clip in the beginning to grab the audience attention, and then you have have a short intro clip if you want after that. So thats what I did!! If I...
  7. MisterJDiggidy

    What Strategies Make You Want To Subscribe To A Channel?

    Obviously, you would want to subscribe because you like their content and what they do, but what strategies do you notice help? For example, a lot of people like to put outros on their videos telling people to subscribe and check out their other videos. Does this really help, or do most people...
  8. SeanFace101

    Does My Own Views Effect Watch Time & Retention?

    Does my own views effect such things as watch time, etc...? I'm talking about the views by me wen I'm doing something to my video, editing settings, etc.. I clike on my video then click to edit settings, cards or whatever, but that view of mine that only lasts a few seconds or so, does it harm...
  9. SeanFace101

    Hows Can Descritions Be Improved To Rank Videos Higher?

    So iv recently learned that the description for your videos has just as much of a role in helping your video rank high as other things do such as tags, title, etc.. :P So I was wondering in what ways can video descriptions be improved to help get better results?
  10. GoodGoneBadPictures

    How to Grow Your Channel

    I might only be a small YouTuber still, but lately my channel has been growing a lot and I thought I'd give some hope and tips to other small YouTubers like myself. 1. Upload with Frequency- This one is huge. I know people always talk about this, but it really does play a huge role. I only had...
  11. Christoverse

    Is exposure my channel's weakness?

    Hi guys, My YouTube name is Christoverse and I've been doing commentary/story time videos for 4.5 months now. I've been very consistent, putting out fresh, new content all the time. I've received frequent positive feedback from Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Yttalk, Damnlag, Instagram and in person...
  12. Psycho Lucas

    Need a YouTube intro? I got the KEY!

    If your a beginning YouTuber who is trying to make your video look more professional with a COOL intro, use Blender. Blender is a 3D intro maker and is COMPLETELY free. To learn more just go on YouTube and look up "how to use blender". It's fast, easy, and free. (p.s. if you want to use it quick...
  13. SeanFace101

    What are ways to increase watch time?

    What are some ways to increase the watch time for my videos?
  14. Freshly Finished

    Google+ ????

    Just wondering if anyone else here is as foreign to G+ as i am lol. I keep hearing great success stories about it but have not found any good techniques to going about it. Do any of you have any tips, tricks, or advice when it comes to google plus? Let me (and all the other lost G+ Souls out...
  15. Freshly Finished

    New Transition Styles

    Hey everyone, I recently have started to take into account my transitions a LOT more these days, you can see what I am talking about in the video signature. However, what I am wondering is, if anyone here has any tips or tricks to making their transitions, any plug ins that you love to use or...
  16. Freshly Finished

    How I made a music video out of a live performance

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to show you a quick little trick i used this past summer. I had the opportunity to film one of my favorite hip hop artists "Atmosphere" at the Center of Gravity Beach Festival in my home town. Knowing I would probably never get this chance again, or would ever get...
  17. Freshly Finished

    REDDIT & Twitter??? Your thoughts, stategies and techniques

    Hey Everyone, I have recently picked up Reddit and well am trying to get more involved in twitter, however... MY LORD ARE THEY CONFUSING lol. Reddit: The one thing i have found on reddit so far is to title your posts as if you were titling a news paper. Dont ever share a post saying "My New...
  18. C

    Having Trouble Finding a Market

    Hi guys! So I am having trouble finding a market, or fan base. I do movie reviews and am trying some of the suggestions in a lot of the threads here (which are fantastic) but it doesn't seem to be helping me much with my niche. Reddit is a great tool, however I'm having a difficult time...
  19. Game-ature

    Scripts and Pacing - Am I doing it right?

    I feel like one of my biggest issues with my videos is the pacing and scripts that I come up with before hand. At some points, it works well for me but, in my opinion, the pacing is really off and I just seem like I get away from the main point of the video. Does anyone else have this problem...