Christie Levine

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Hey everyone!
I'm uploading my first video and I wanted to know if anyone had a specific routine they go through in order to promote their youtube video and channel? My channel is brand new and I would really appreciate any advice! Thanks!
This site alone is a good way to advertise. That doesn't mean you should spam your videos here or ask people to watch your videos, but just be engaged within the community. That way, people get more interrested in you and some of them will start looking at your channel. Collaborations with other youtubers work as well.
So in marketing terms, advertising is any paid form of promotion. When just starting out, I would not recommend paying for ads. There are a lot of free ways to promote your videos though. Optimizing your thumbnails, titles, tags, descriptions for SEO, comment on YouTube videos, participate in forums. Share links on your social network profiles, etc...