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  1. S

    Looking to find other makeup artists to help grow channels

    Hey! I’m looking for other makeup artists who also wanna grow their channel. It’s so hard to get your videos seen amongst the vastness of YouTube, so we can give each other advice and promote each other on end screens etc. Here’s my latest video:
  2. W

    How do I promote my channel more effectively?

    Hello I am a small youtuber who does flipping videos for fun and id like to reach out to more and more people to share what I love to do so im kind of wondering what are the best ways of promoting my channel.?
  3. RuuD

    Advice for YT Noobs

    As someone that just got their channel setup, not completely just got some graphics and extra work to do but when im done i want to know how to spend my time wisely on and how to help myself grow. I plan on doing gaming videos/let's plays/walkthroughs. Mainly playing single player games but...
  4. christielaw19

    Channel Review and tips

    Hi guys! I am a new youtuber and I'm still learning all of the ropes of youtube! I was wondering if anyone has time if they wouldn't mind checking out my channel and giving me some tips on how I can approve! I'm still working on a better profile banner, so any ideas or tips on that would be...
  5. KodalenPartyof2

    Vlog Looking for YouTubers in UK

    Hey everyone, I just moved to Lakenheath and I’m looking to find YouTubers to work on new content with. I’m trying to get out and explore the area and I thought it would be fun to do with others who love to create videos. Plus, you don’t seem so strange talking to a camera in public if you are...
  6. Suxela

    Request Need a Free YouTube Intro

    Hi. I'm just starting out with my channel. I honestly don't even have any videos yet, but that's because I want this channel to be the best it can be. I strongly dislike disorganization, so that's why I've created this thread. I'm not the best with graphic design, and would love for someone to...
  7. Kiwi Arcades

    Vlog Small Youtubers out there that vlog arcade games?

    Hi everyone, I'm a fairly new content creator. Wondered if there are any creators here that film arcade games (It seems to be niche topic on here). Anyways, if not still I'm keen to meet other small youtubers so we can encourage each other towards achieving our goal :) Small youtubers unite...
  8. Sketch30Films

    Mr. Forgetful Part 2 on my channel!!!

    I'm currently filming mr. forgetful part two on my youtube channel. If you haven't seen the first one it's quite okay And if you haven't Subscribed yet, click my button that will link you to my channel!!!
  9. Sketch30Films

    Man Imperfect: A Dude Perfect Parody of Sorts

    This is my video which is a parody of dude perfect. I actually hurt myself filming at the end... for the views!
  10. Sketch30Films

    My new Channel

    Hey there guys my name is Joseph. My new channel is called Sketch30Films, here's a link: I hope you guys like my content, and I hope to get many of you to subscribe as I will do the same for you :) Be Creative...Be Weird
  11. Koin

    Passing Our First Milestone of 50

    Recently we just passed 50 subs, and it took a few months but it still feels just as good as I hoped it would! Especially in the over-saturated gaming niche. I've heard that it gets easier after a bit so here's to hoping!
  12. Nerfworthy

    Gaming World of Warcraft, anyone playing? Seeking for collabs.

    Hey guys, i've recently started youtube, near a month ago.. and i'm expanding and growing stronger, rapidly, kinda.. >:D i'm looking for players who would like to play and create videos, together with me. I've started new youtube series and the idea behind is to reach 1-100 in total film mode...
  13. Syd the Squid

    100 Subscribers!

    Hey my dudes! I finally hit 100 subscribers last night! I'm super excited to have finally hit this milestone! I guess I've been doing something right! I can't wait to see how much this channel will grow!
  14. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    YouTube For Beginners [CHAT & Q&A]

    YouTube For Beginners [CHAT & Q&A] - YouTube Tips for Beginners, New YouTuber Tips and Tips For Small Youtubers to help grow a YouTube Channel, Get More Views on YouTube and Get More Subscribers. HOW TO GET VIEWS FAST - HOW TO MAKE A YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE LINK - HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR CHANNEL - HOW...
  15. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Is It Too Late To Start A Youtube Channel in 2018?

    Is It Too Late To Start A Youtube Channel 2018 // Is it too late to start YouTube? Should I restart my youtube channel? A very common question i get asked alot. Starting A YouTube Channel should be done for any reasons, but don't be the "next Logan Paul" be the FIRST YOU! Too Late to Start...
  16. A

    Vine compilation video got 16 copyright strikes?

    Look, I'm new to making videos and made a vine compilation for the giggles (not monetizing it or any of my videos). A channel by the name of CollabDRM copyright claimed 16 clips from it. All 16 clips contain different people, so it obviously isn't him. Can I file a dispute against him claiming...
  17. Bro D

    Hit 10 Subscribers, But I'm Not Satisfied

    I have just recently started creating content on Youtube about 2 weeks ago. Recently hit 10 subscribers, but I seem to be having an issue getting any more. Obviously I know I am not going to be an overnight success. But I would like to think atleast gaining 1 or 2 subscribers in 4 or 5 days was...
  18. Kaytonix

    3 videos and 30 subs!

    I honestly didn't think I would be posting a milestone so quickly, but here we are! I posted my first video last Thursday and now 3 videos total and I've hit 33 subs! I know its not much...but I really hope to keep this level of growth going! :)
  19. Kaytonix

    Upload schedule: more = better?

    Hello everyone! I'm just starting out on youtube and I'm curious as to what your upload schedule was when you started. Did you start out with just a few a month or week? Or hot out of the gate with an upload every day? Have you changed your upload count and gotten better results? Do you think...
  20. K

    100 Subscribers in 1 Month!

    I just hit 100 subscribers and this week it has been one month of me being on Youtube! I also am close to hitting 200 followers on my photography Instagram! Woooooo! I am so excited and can't wait to keep going :)
  21. Heather White

    Arm Workout With Dumbbells For Women & Men

    Hey, ladies! Don't wait to have your summer body when the season is over. A lot of women neglect toning up their arms because they don't want to get big. Seriously, our bodies are not made like men so you have nothing to worry about. We don't have the amount of growth hormones and testosterone...
  22. Heather White

    10 Minute Warm Up Routine For Beginners

    Do you want the most out of your workouts and get maximum results? Then you should be warming up before every workout. If you're not, then you have a higher risk of causing injury to yourself during your exercise. I wanted to share my current warm up routine. Feel free to use it or make changes...
  23. Heather White

    How To Stay Healthy On Vacation

    Going out of town for vacation or work? Here's some tips to keep you healthy and fit during your trip. Learn about HIIT, clean eating, planning ahead, being active every day, and more! Just practicing simple habits every day will give you huge results in the long run. I put all my heart and soul...
  24. Heather White

    Healthy And Quick Lunch, & Dinner Meals

    Summer is still very much here and traveling is going to be in your future. You have been losing weight and making gains all year, so don't let a week of fast food ruin your progress. I wanted to share a few lunch and snack ideas that you can try while you're out of town or at home. Come check...
  25. Aviion Music

    Hit 100!

    Just wanted to share that I hit 100 subs the other day and felt really good about it! I love my little community that is growing and invite anyone to come listen to the songs that I find! Have a wonderful day Aviion
  26. Heather White

    Full Body HIIT Workout With Dumbbells

    Hey, guys! So, if you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to the gym, this workout is for you. Grab a set of dumbbells and give this total body HIIT cardio workout a try. If you have just 10-20 minutes a day, you can start creating a healthier and happier life. If you love this workout and want...
  27. K

    50 Subs Woo! And one video almost to 100 Views!!

    It has been just over a week since I started a channel and I just reached 50! So excited!!! I was worried my content would be boring to a lot of people!
  28. Heather White

    10-Minute Hotel Abs Circuit

    Fit Vacation Episode 5: Don't have a lot of time for the gym, but want a flat stomach? Try this fun hotel abs circuit. You can do this while you are traveling, at home, or even the gym. You just need your bodyweight and a little motivation. If you like this workout and want to see more like it...
  29. K

    Reached my First 10 Subscribers!

    I know it's not a lot but I am really excited! I started my channel 2 days ago so I'm proud of where I am at! I can't wait to keep growing and sharing my love of photography & filmmaking even more!
  30. Heather White

    I Hit 100 Subscribers!

    I actually hit over 100 subscribers in 6 months. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to continue to increase my growth even faster?