Gaming World of Warcraft, anyone playing? Seeking for collabs.


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Hey guys, i've recently started youtube, near a month ago.. and i'm expanding and growing stronger, rapidly, kinda.. >:D i'm looking for players who would like to play and create videos, together with me. I've started new youtube series and the idea behind is to reach 1-100 in total film mode, with no addons and anything visible whatsoever, properly edited with voice overs and camer angles transforming my journey into a movie! Currently i'm only on episode 2, tommorow or the next day after i'll be releasing episode 3. There is huge difference between episode 1 and 2, in terms of quality/editing etc and can't wait for the next one. Because I know how awesome it will be, haha. If anyone is interested, leave a message. Because i believe it's easier to grow and educate when you're in a group and not solo/yolo mode