new youtuber

  1. JRuncie

    We've been Vlogging for a month now.....

    Crazy how time flies.
  2. sabrinafabulous

    New gaming channel: NEED feedback

    I have a low view count and only 21 subscribers so I don't get very much traffic on my videos. I am just starting out, and don't have any fancy equipment at the moment. I would like some constructive feedback on my videos and what I can do to improve content-wise. Any thoughts or suggestions are...
  3. FunWithTheBugs

    A Help Guide for New YouTube Creators - Written by a New YouTube Creator

    Mission Statement: Hello Everyone! I thought I would create a post based on my experiences as a new YouTuber starting out that might be helpful for other new YouTubers, but might also benefit those with some more experience. A lot of posts that address these topics usually come from larger...
  4. LukeFromYT


    Hey everyone yesterday i posted my first ever YouTube video and i was wondering if i could get any feed back on what i could improve in the future
  5. Malasia

    Hey! New YouTuber here in need of some channel feedback! Any takers?

    I just started back up my channel near the end of august 2016 and would love for some feedback on if my video's are good or not. My channel means the world to me but I'm not sure if Im on the right track with it. Thank you
  6. JRuncie


    Yesterday was the first video that nearly hit 50 views in one day of being live for us. It also marked a jump from 100 views to 200! We're stoked. Thank you to everyone in this forum who has helped us to date with editing tips, filming, and our channel in general. Keep the advice coming. It...
  7. NovaCyde

    Other Looking for a collab

    Hey everyone, I'm still pretty new to the YT community and was looking at maybe doing a collab with another Yt. I was thinking along the lines of an upload for upload type thing where we'd each make a video and post on the others channel. Also if you guys could check out my channel, subscribe...
  8. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Need advice to get first 100 subs :)

    Hello best friends, My name is Rohan.I just running a YouTube channel on my name where I post Tutorials,Tips & Tricks,Techs video.I always try to give you guys some quality content.I already got my 18 subscriber in 1 month.I am a new YouTuber so I need tips & advice to get my first 100 subs...
  9. JustCallMeCass

    Help ! Really need honest reviews on my Lifestyle channel

    Hey everyone ! I am loving creating content and putting up videos two times a week ! I would love if anyone could take a quick look at any of my later videos and let me know how I can improve ? I am saving up for a new camera so the quality can improve. Will consistency get me to where I want...
  10. AlphaAyana


    MADE IT TO 1,000 views on a youtube video. IM SOOO HAPPY ^.^
  11. AlphaAyana


    MADE IT TO 1,000 views on a youtube video. IM SOOO HAPPY ^.^
  12. Scandinavian Freckles

    Should I wait ?

    Hi, I was wondering a few things and hopefully you guys can help ! I am currently self employed and don't really have enough money to buy all the great equipment and stuff so up until now I have filmed a few videos on my phone ( Samsung Grand Prime) and the quality isn't the great but I want to...
  13. Scandinavian Freckles

    30 Subs :)

    I have been on youtube for almost 2 months and I am so excited to almost have 30 subs. I started doing it as like a hobby on the down low, no one other than my mom knows about my channel, not even my friends so I am super proud of my channel :) !! What an awesome way to get to know people &...
  14. DivideAndConquer

    New video!! ARK Survival Evolved! what'd you think?

    This is my newest video of ark! i would love to hear what you thought of the video and if you have any ideas for the base tell me in the comments! by the way i have over 200 subscribers and growing why dont you join our community and subscribe? My new Base!! | ARK Survival Evolved | Part 2
  15. Megan Byrne

    What do you think of my channel?

    Hi, I'm planning to kind of revamp my channel by doing more stuff where I talk to the camera. What do you think of the style of vlogs and videos I've currently been doing on my channel? I'd love some feedback :)
  16. iMaxRK

    Request I'm in need for an intro

    I'm in need of a free intro. It doesn't have to be anything over the moon good. I've tried the blender intro trick but it didn't work. Maybe someone can tell me what i did wrong there.
  17. iMaxRK

    How to get your gaming videos noticed in the community?

    I make and videos and i was wondering anyone knew how the could get noticed?
  18. piaiscool

    Please review? (-/\-)

    Hey fam! So I tried listening to most of your feedbacks. I lowered down the volume (It's down to 6%) of the background music. I tried not to cover my face as much with my pop-ups (I still have to improve on this a little more i think?). Most of you noticed a flickering light in my videos most of...
  19. T

    New Youtuber Need Feedback

    Hey guys, I'm a new youtuber just starting out and I do gaming video like CSGO AND Horror games. It would be very helpful if you can leave a feedback on my video.