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  1. camrynnicolem

    GRWM: Summer vlog 2017

    Hey guys!! This was my first video, and I know I am really awkward -- I am hoping to improve my video skills soon... Hope you enjoy!!
  2. Heather White

    No Run! Fun Treadmill Workout

    Episode 2 of my Fit Vacation series! No Running Needed Treadmill Workout That Tones Your Whole Body. Most hotel gyms at least have a treadmill, so you can do these exercises with one machine. If you love this video, make sure you check out my other ones on my channel. You are more likely to...
  3. Heather White

    First 100 Subscribers!

    Much Thanks To My Amazing Support & Love. I hit my first 100 subscribers on my channel. Just wanted to check in if anyone was interested to see a small channel like myself grow! Slowly, but steadily. <3
  4. Heather White

    Huge, Cheap Workout Clothing Haul

    Another workout haul and try on uploaded on my channel! I got all these amazing workout clothes for under $130! I found Nike, New Balance, Reebok, and Under Amor. Check out my newest additions to my collection. If you enjoy, don't forget to like my video on my channel and subscribe to show your...
  5. Its_Errelevant

    The Horizon Zero Dawn Playlist [ 10 episodes ]

    Had a lot of fun playing the game. All 10 videos have been done for some time now but i thought i would post them here as well. Check them out and i hope you enjoy.
  6. MartyTinus

    Gaming PS3 Users?

    Are there YouTubers out there who want to make collaboration video's, but only have "good" games on a PS3?
  7. Its_Errelevant

    New video is up! If you have a second, have a look!

    Just got up the 6th episode of my horizon series. I know that I'm a bit behind on the game compared to a lot of other youtubers, but hey, gotta start somewhere right? I you have a moment to check out the channel, please do, but more importantly, tell me what you think! Thanks in advance
  8. Christie Levine

    Best way to advertise?

    Hey everyone! I'm uploading my first video and I wanted to know if anyone had a specific routine they go through in order to promote their youtube video and channel? My channel is brand new and I would really appreciate any advice! Thanks!
  9. Eddy Molina

    100+ Subscribers! Never thought I'd get there!

    Thank you too any one here who has helped me get there! I been getting great feed back on most of my reviews and I love to interact with the people that comment. It definitely took me a really long time to get there but I'm just glad that some people pushed me to get there and I didn't quit...
  10. IGotTheMeats

    Finally the First 100!

    I finally hit 100 subs! It seems like a long time, but I know it was very fast compared to most channels. Hopefully it will start to snowball from here and things will pick up faster and faster! My goal is to hit 1000 before the end of 2017!
  11. Heather White

    Advice on Audio

    I was wondering if the music is louder than the other audio. And where could I find other free or cheap music and sounds to use on my videos? I've been using YouTube's soundtracks, but I feel like there are more options out there. My concern is obviously copyright and quality. I also would love...

    NEW YOUTUBER - Montage Review

    Hey guys :D My name's Aaron and I've boarded the Youtube-Hypetrain about 3 weeks ago and put around 30 videos out there already ( I have a lot of freetime on my hands at the moment ^^' ) I'm a major gamer since I can hold a controller and my videos focus mainly around that topic. I'm still in a...
  13. Anthony from League Talks

    Can i get started as a new YouTuber with only a cellphone?

    I really do not have the money to buy a laptop or computer to help me create and edit videos. So can you guys help me what do i need to do to still do Youtube with only my cellphone (Asus Zenfone 5) i have a passion for doing it but don't have the necessary tools to make quality video and audio...
  14. TBCompilations

    Any tips for someone who runs a compilation channel?

    I run a compilation channel. I think every YouTuber has watched and even most, enjoy compilations. I love them because if I have an interest in something, its funny or nice to see a bunch of scenarios compiled into one. Anyways, I like it. I like strategically editing the videos, putting funny...
  15. tedswrong

    Changing over time!

    I have noticed that the style of my videos has casually changed over time and that my editing has gained more efficieny. I just think it's a cool thing to watch your own personal growth!! Who else agrees??
  16. I

    Looking for channel feedback

    Hi guys! I'm looking for some feedback on my videos. I know some of my older videos are bad in comparison to the newer ones, so try to give feedback on the newer videos! Channel link: Things I would like feedback on: Channel Intro: This...
  17. AmberAze

    "My worst Christmas/ (gift) story" Collaboration

    Hi, I'm Amber, and I recently just got done with my blog and youtube channel .. So I thought to myself, what a better way to start a youtube channel ; the first video, with a collaboration. ?? So my idea is to make a collaboration, by that the people who see my video will be directed to yours...
  18. A

    Gaming Collaboration New Youtuber

    Hello, I am a new youtuber that is at 14 subs. The games i would like to collab is Minecraft pc or xbox one, GTA V (Xbox 1) or call of duty BO3. If you would like to collab you can e-mail me or message me on xbox live A P Shakes. For videos i use discord. Thank you...
  19. Zacke23


    Hey guys Zacke23 here! I have a small gaming channel on YouTube which has something like 5-6 subs (I know small but working my way up) Would appreciate it if some of you guys could check out my channel.. I mainly post Call Of Duty and FIFA content! If you enjoy the videos make sure you hit that...
  20. Zacke23

    Infinite Warfare (Epic Gun Game!)

    Hey guys, Zacke23 here! I posted a Infinite Warfare video yesterday and was looking for some feedback on the video.. if you could check it out I would really appreciate it and while your there have a look at some of my other videos and leave some feedback to! Thanks:)
  21. Scimplify

    900 subscribers | 2 months on YouTube !!!

    Hello there, I have been around on YouTube for more than 2 months now, and am on 978 subscribers at the moment. It was a really slow start for me, but I was lucky to get a shoutout from another YouTuber. That really boosted things. My channel is about food/health/nutrition and breaking myths...
  22. JRuncie

    40 subs 12,000 views

    coming up to 2 months of YouTube. For a semi regular Vlog that is not focused on a niche, and is instead a day in our lives we're pretty happy with the progress. Who knows maybe we can hit 50 subs, and 18,000 views by Christmas. Thanks all for the help.
  23. Malasia


    Hope you guys enjoy! <3 haha
  24. Scandinavian Freckles

    Starting youtube?

    Hey awesome people on YTT !! I uploaded a video where I basically tell my point of view of starting youtube. I had been getting a lot of questions around it and people where saying they were going to wait, they were scared, they didn't have the equipment etc... So I decided to sit down and...
  25. Becca Clansey


    The munchers, the emotional rollercoasters, the SPOILERS! I'm sure we can all relate a little bit ;) road to 300 subscribers is making me so excited I thought i'd upload an EXTRA video this week :D Hope you enjoy!
  26. JRuncie

    cruising over 2000 views

    6 weeks- 26 subs- over 2000 views. We seem to be starting to pick up some momentum. Views are up from 30 two weeks ago to averaging now over 60 views a day. Thank you all for the help to date.
  27. JRuncie

    Happy Halloween.... and the beginning of packing

  28. sabrinafabulous

    My latest video...

    First of, I just have to say...This game is lit af. You've got the perfect mix of genres: survival, mystery, story rich narrative and a little horror element. Check out my gameplay video I did to see what I'm talking about! If you liked it make sure to leave a like and if you REALLY liked it go...
  29. JRuncie

    Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

    One month until our cross country trek begins. If you are interested in seeing Canada from the East to West coast, jump in and follow along.
  30. Antonio Crisci

    Im a New Vlogger, Should I Have A Specific Intro?

    Hey Guys, I recently started vlogging my college life daily and Im wondering if I should have a specific intro for the vlogs or just start the day, if you can give me your opinions id really appreciate it!