Heather White

Loving YTtalk
I was wondering if the music is louder than the other audio. And where could I find other free or cheap music and sounds to use on my videos? I've been using YouTube's soundtracks, but I feel like there are more options out there. My concern is obviously copyright and quality. I also would love a cheap suggestion as far as microphones go. I have a quiet voice naturally, so I'd love to amp up the volume. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hiking Vlog- Ep. 1: White Rock
For the loudness - yeah, background music is too loud. I would turn it at least 50-70% down.
For music - I go to soundcloud, find tracks that I like and contact the creators, most of them are really happy that you use their music and are willing to give it away as long as you credit them.
I used audio jungle for my intro and outro music but it's a little pricey but I own the rights to them so I can monetize if I want.