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Look, I'm new to making videos and made a vine compilation for the giggles (not monetizing it or any of my videos). A channel by the name of CollabDRM copyright claimed 16 clips from it. All 16 clips contain different people, so it obviously isn't him. Can I file a dispute against him claiming 16 clips of 10 second vines? Wanted to ask before I file a dispute and risk my "channel being shut down eternally."
I agree, probably not actually CollabDRM’s copyright - but not yours either so i would not dispute it since you would be lying..
I would delete the video just to p**s off CollabDRM.
not really mad that they're making money off of it, cause i didn't wanna make money myself, but its just kinda annoying ya know? didn't really know what to do lol
Yeah I looked it up, they are like content syndicators? So they have a whole bunch of channels that they take videos and post channels on to supposedly help people make the most money of of their videos? but I don't understand what gives THEM the right to do it and not you?
Not your content.

Compilations are not you're content meaning the original holders can do whatever they see fit with your video.
Sounds like CollabDRM is doing what you're trying to do, except he/she has permission from the content creators, possibly even owning the exclusive rights to the vine content on YouTube. Anyway, the only thing that matters here is you have stolen someone's content and used it without permission. You have no grounds to dispute the claim.
I wouldn't try fighting the copyright claim/strikes for a compilation video since it doesn't fall under Fair Use. Granted the person making the claim against you may or may not own it either but it's not worth risking your entire channel for. Isn't there any other niche/genre of content that you are passionate about making?
It's called Digital Rights Management; this is what the DRM in CollabDRM stands for.

Google Digital Rights Management to learn more about the process.