1. M

    Is a "zodiac signs as vines" video protected under fair use?

    I'm fairly new to YouTube but I gained a quick following because I uploaded two "zodiac signs as vines" videos because I thought it'd be really fun to do. Then I got a bunch of claims from CollabDRM and I think they are making money off of my videos now. My videos actually take quite a long time...
  2. Top 10 Productions

    ABC's but with Vine

  3. A

    Vine compilation video got 16 copyright strikes?

    Look, I'm new to making videos and made a vine compilation for the giggles (not monetizing it or any of my videos). A channel by the name of CollabDRM copyright claimed 16 clips from it. All 16 clips contain different people, so it obviously isn't him. Can I file a dispute against him claiming...
  4. Alex prasai

    Comedy any from nepal ,biratnagar

    i need help
  5. JayPlays

    Try Not To Laugh Challenge |#1 |

    My recent upload was a try not to laugh challenge, something new on my channel so i hope you guys enjoy :)
  6. GoldenBeezy

    Vine is shutting down? Toblerone's new shape?

    Hey everybody. Please check out my video about two currently trending topics in the news! It's worth a watch <3
  7. GoldenBeezy

    Trending News | Video Review Request

    Hey everybody! I'm Brian or GoldenBeezy and I recently just uploaded my first "news" video and was just wondering if I could receive some feedback on it; both positive and negative so that it can help me to improve for future videos. I am aware that I do speak quite fast and that I mumble at...
  8. Promice

    What are your opinions on Vine?

    While the heading is simple I do have a couple of questions for people. First, what do you guys think of vine as an entertainment medium and a social media? Second, Would you make vines and if you do what led you to making them? What do you think of viners trying to YouTube and why do you think...
  9. Smug Thuggler

    All of our Vines for January

    Now, with better thumbnails :D
  10. Smug Thuggler

    Vine users: Post your handles here :D

    Ours is @ThugglerSmug if you want to check us out. Reply with your vine handles if you want me to check out your vine pages :)
  11. J

    If a Better Video Platform became Popular, would you Switch?

    Hello everyone, If another video platform, like YouTube, became more popular, would you completely switch to that? Try and do both or stick to your roots (Youtube)? I promised myself that if another popular platform rises into the spotlight, that I would definitely post content on that...
  12. Smug Thuggler

    All of out Vines for December

    We didn't have much time for making vines in December, but we still managed to make a few. I hope you enjoy them :D
  13. Smug Thuggler

    Our Vines for November

    We started getting into the Christmas spirit this month. I hope you guys enjoy it. Any feedback here or on YouTube is always appreciated :D
  14. Smug Thuggler

    Our Vines for October

    We reached 100 follows on Vine this month (and without doing a single follow for follow), so we're pretty happy. I hope you enjoy it, feedback is always appreciated on YouTube and on YtTalk
  15. Deathskarl

    Funny Vine Compilation - Month 1

    I just recently started doing Vines. I made a compilation of the 1st month. My phone's quality when blown up to 1080P is not that great but it's all good. I like figuring up ways to make people laugh with just 6 seconds of video.
  16. O

    question about Paid product placements

    How does one go about reaching out to a company to see if they will allow you to advertise their product in a vine or YouTube video? Do companies really reply to emails that say "I'm a Youtuber and I would like to advertise your product as long as you pay me?" That sounds like a silly way of...