need advice

  1. farukhassan933

    i need your help in my new channel

    I created a new comedy channel and i have only one video in it Please can someone check it out and tell me what i should improve Please watch and give me advice
  2. ProXima123

    Visuals, Music, Voice overs

    What way do you prioritize conveying your videos? Do you place visuals as the most important aspect to represent yourself and your videos? Do you focus on music to get your ideas or themes across? Do your videos consist of only your voice to express your thought, opinions etc.? Is it a mixture...
  3. A

    Vine compilation video got 16 copyright strikes?

    Look, I'm new to making videos and made a vine compilation for the giggles (not monetizing it or any of my videos). A channel by the name of CollabDRM copyright claimed 16 clips from it. All 16 clips contain different people, so it obviously isn't him. Can I file a dispute against him claiming...
  4. JeggiTV

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel?

    Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel? Or should I create 2 different channels for both kinds.
  5. Jonatan Moser


    So yeah, basically this is probably one of the most asked questions in all of the history of YouTube... But how do I get more likes and subscribers (without it costing insane amounts of money)? First off: I am a music channel, primarily with cover songs made in a variety of different styles...
  6. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Need advice to get first 100 subs :)

    Hello best friends, My name is Rohan.I just running a YouTube channel on my name where I post Tutorials,Tips & Tricks,Techs video.I always try to give you guys some quality content.I already got my 18 subscriber in 1 month.I am a new YouTuber so I need tips & advice to get my first 100 subs...
  7. Koa

    I need an advice...

    alright well i started my youtube channel about 3 weeks ago. i was learning how to edit and the process of making a video fun to watch was a way of me escaping reality and for only a couple of videos the feed back i received was amazing . But a lot of things have gone wrong this past week so i...
  8. Mr. McSwizzle

    Review Of My Channel?

    Hey Everyone! I was just curious what everyone might think of my channel. If you don't know already, I don't post the normal style of "YouTube Video". I post about my life, and my life experiences. If I feel like it needs to be recorded, I always have my camera on me to do it. I go day by day...
  9. CapnEthan

    Feedback on My First Lets Play? :D

    So its my first one and I think that it's alright and yes I know, I have lots of room for improvement! But I was wondering if you guys could tell me where that room is, how you think I could get better, or anything in general! I know that I stumble over my words occasionally and that my mic...
  10. H

    How long does it take to get first subscribers?

    I am a bit new to creating YouTube content, and I was wondering: how long does it typically take to begin generating a real audience? I ask becuase the advice I hear for growing my channel is to be consistent and persistent, meaning I should upload regularly (I am trying to do one to two a...