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Should I play retro games and current games in my Youtube channel? Or should I create 2 different channels for both kinds.
I had the same idea, why not mix things up with some games from the past. There are a lot of games that are remastered or arcade games in store that are re-released in HD. So why not give it a try ;). Think it will depend what is the main purpose of your channel, otherwise you can make two different channels. Good luck with it!
That's what I do. It caters to a broad range of viewers: new titles for people looking to purchase, older titles for nostalgia factor. Not to mention that it stops you from running out of titles to play as easily.
Do both! No need to create separate channels though. You could change it up every week or whenever you post and then once you see what videos you get more views on you can stick to those mainly. Good luck! :)
I think there's no need to mix it up! I also play old and new games together. I even make tutorials too, because i want to have all kind of things i like on one channel.