1. Nicekid76

    What camera are you using for your channel?

    What camera are you using for your channel? I'll go first? I use a Canon 60D for my YouTube videos. I've been using the camera since 2012 and I think it released in 2011. Shoots at 1080p 30FPS. The camera still "holds up" for the most part, but it's definitely not as sharp as cameras from the...
  2. Jack Ryan

    How to get community and store tab on youtube channel?

    I want to know how we get the community tab on a youtube channel. Give your valuable suggestion.
  3. Niyi

    New segment idea

    There's a new segment I want to add to my channel where I'll take topics from my blog and speak more on them, but I'm having a hard time deciding on a name. Can anyone help me?
  4. M

    Urgent Question

    On YouTube now, I have the option to 'Monetize videos with ads', but I don't have an Adsense account now and I havent applied for monetization. So if i put ads now, can I collect the revenue AFTER i join? or does it not make revenue? Would really appreciate an answer. thanks.
  5. Strobelite Gaming

    More Tags or Less?

    Hey guys, simple question. I've been uploading videos for a month with an upload schedule of 3 vids a week. I use TubeBuddy to help me with writing tags. My process for writing tag is to fill it up with about 26 tags. However, when I look and similar channels to mine I see that they use a about...
  6. A

    YouTube less than 1000 subscribers

    hello my friend i have a channel on youtube witch have +850subs and +3000 watch time..any way to earn money with this channel...(daily views 1k-5k) thanks :).
  7. PartTimeHero

    How to properly run giveaways/contests?

    Hey, Please post any of your experience, any feedback will be appreciated. Also, we would love to hear if anyone is familiar with a legal side of giveaways. Cheers!
  8. ProXima123

    Visuals, Music, Voice overs

    What way do you prioritize conveying your videos? Do you place visuals as the most important aspect to represent yourself and your videos? Do you focus on music to get your ideas or themes across? Do your videos consist of only your voice to express your thought, opinions etc.? Is it a mixture...
  9. J.Kposowa

    What kind of videos do you watch, when your favourite YouTubers haven't uploaded?

    To further explain my question. I'm talking about when you've been on YouTube for a few minutes or hours. And you're left with nothing to watch. But you're not quite done with youtube yet. For me I usually watch Top 10s of any kind, such as Top 10 action anime, or Top 10 strongest fictional...
  10. F[VI]E GUYS

    Lightworks Text Plugins?

    I have just swtiched from Shotcut video editor to using Lightworks v.14 (free version). After watching numerous tutorials, I think I got a beginners handle on it. One thing I noticed is the lack of text functions (or at least that I have found). Does anyone know of a place were I can get some...
  11. E

    copyright strikes question

    hi guys my channel back again from terminated last month and remove a 1 strike from my channel now i have 2 strike left now my 2 strike left is still gonna be expired on the same date & time that i see on my youtube status & features?? thanks for the answer. Best Regards
  12. Minty

    What makes some youtubers engaging— and others not?

    Hey y’all! I’m Minty, and recently I’ve been wondering— what sort of personalities seem to catch your attention on youtube? What makes a channel memorable? I’d really love to here your opinion on that!
  13. A

    Vine compilation video got 16 copyright strikes?

    Look, I'm new to making videos and made a vine compilation for the giggles (not monetizing it or any of my videos). A channel by the name of CollabDRM copyright claimed 16 clips from it. All 16 clips contain different people, so it obviously isn't him. Can I file a dispute against him claiming...
  14. H

    Anyone Edit with After Effects Rather Than Premiere?

    I just want to know if anyone here edits videos using After Effects rather than Premiere. I usually do all my cuts and such on Premiere but if I wanted to do some special effects I'd do them in AE and import them to Premiere. Do you think it would be more effective to use After Effects alone...
  15. H

    Any Tips on How to Do 'On The Fly' Commentary While Recording Gameplay?

    Hello YT Talk! HONGSHI here with a question about RECORDING COMMENTARY while playing games. Can anyone here give me some tips and pointers on how I can practice talking about what I'm doing while playing video games? Muselk is a wonderful example of what I'm trying to STRIVE for. My issue is...
  16. J

    Question marks instead of video thumbnails?? I NEED HELP

    soo my youtube works fine... I can watch any video, search up videos and all that good stuff. my only problem is that some of the videos have question marks for the thumbnails rather than the actual thumbnail it SHOULD have. I'm using a macbook right now. can anybody help me solve my problem...
  17. J

    What should i pick ?

    I'm making a video about games being portayed by cartoons, I was about to make a Cuphead one. Which one should I pick to suit it better?
  18. GZG

    Question about getting views and SEO?

    Hi yttalk community, So I have a question on how would I go about getting my videos/channel to be noticed. I know that SEO plays a big role and if it's mainly based on things like watch time, engagement, social media shares, etc. videos from big channels almost always occupy the rankings (its...
  19. Ikusa

    How to do face cam?

    I use Nvidia Shadowplay, but when I try adding my camera to the top-left in the overlay settings, it bugs out Nvidia Shadowplay, making it impossible to record videos, requiring an uninstall and reinstall of the GeForce Experience driver in order to fix. I do have a video editor (My dad used...
  20. Ikusa

    (Based off my current likes and views) is somone botting my channel?

    I'm getting about 1-2 subs a day now... Is it because my channel really is starting to get going, or is someone botting me? I have 64 subs right now, probably will reach 65 tomorrow at this rate. One video of mine (An overwatch gameplay video I posted early this morning at 10/9/2017), has 7...
  21. Quick Question

    Using Instagram for Promotion?

    Do you use Instagram for promotion and outreach for your channel? Why or why not? What are some ways you use Instagram. I've been watching Gary Vaynerchuk and have decided to do his DM method but on my own profile I am having trouble with it. Should I post screenshots or videos (IF I POST...
  22. Quirkypoo


    Heyooo, I've made an intro and an outro for my videos but they both very different styles? I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on whether they should either be the same.. different.. or even the same style and different? I might be looking into this a little bit too much but just...
  23. S

    What is wrong with Youtubes Recommendations?

    Hi, I honestly just signed up to this space because of this and the fact it's just getting incredibly frustrating now. What is happening is no matter what I watch, filter or tune. The recommended section on Youtubes homepage keeps showing irrelevant stuff. I've heard and read from places in...
  24. Ryan Ng

    Review of my latest video

    Hey guys. My name is Ryan and I just started a Youtube channel. I've been trying to make some cinematic videos, but I would love some advice and help. My latest video what a letter that I wrote to my younger self. I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on my video. Thanks!
  25. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Growth after 1k subs?

    Hi guys, Soon my channel going to reach that 1k subs milestone.So I have one questions to ask you guys.Just curious to know.I heard that after 1k subs your channel grow a little bit faster than before.So my question is does after reaching 1k sub you guys see any extra push to your youtube...
  26. BillBoardBombers

    How long did it take you to get to 100 subs?

    Just asking but how did it take y'all to get there? It took me and my friend under a year to get this channel to 100 and I'm just curious as to how long it took for you guys, so I'd love to see your replies.
  27. Ryan Ng

    What do you think the next Youtube trend is?

    Has anyone realized that Youtube goes through many phases over the years? I remember when Skits use to be huge (Smosh, Niga Higa) Then came the challenges (everyone) Gaming (Especially minecraft) Pranks (Romanatwood, Fouseytube) Vlogging (Romanatwood, Casey) Roasting kids (Rice Gum) What do you...
  28. Prince Thunder Streak

    Always short on ideas

    If anypony has seen my channel, you can tell that it's variety based, meaning I do a lot of different stuff. Something I never have though, is any ideas on what to upload, Gaming is something I just will not post, there's enough of that already imo. What should I do for future uploads?
  29. blacktigerpride

    Content Creator or YouTuber?

    I've been thinking about this for a while now. Is there a difference between a content creator and a YouTuber? There has to be a fine line that separates them but i don't know how to elaborate on this.
  30. Shweebe

    Where do you network?

    I'm asking this because I think a lot of us (including myself) try to make sure we're networking ourselves enough so we can be noticed. Just wanting to see what everyone uses to get their content out there. I use: twitter, FB, redditt, Google +, and Discord