What camera are you using for your channel?


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I'll go first? I use a Canon 60D for my YouTube videos.
I've been using the camera since 2012 and I think it released in 2011. Shoots at 1080p 30FPS. The camera still "holds up" for the most part, but it's definitely not as sharp as cameras from the past 5 years. Sometimes, I look at 4k cameras with longing eyes, but I'll probably stick with this 60D until 2022 or until I go on a trip where I want a nicer and lighter camera.
Canon EOS M6 Mark II. I have a canon 80D but that is for my Photo's only I try to keep the camera's separate. I used to use a Lumix 4K camera. Wonderful quality videos, for the cost, if you could get the AF to work right. I am sitting in front of a green screen and it wanted to focus on the green screen, or it would mysteriously just AF on nothing and make me blurry. It prompted me to get the Canon, haven't had an issue yet

*knock on wood* (because I am superstitious.
iPhone 12Pro - but if youre not that dependend on Apple like me I wouldnt suggest using any iPhone 12 for filming!

Yesterday I shot 70GB movies in 4k/24fps - and 70GB took nearly 3 hours to transfer from the iPhone to my SDcard.
Don't expect WiFi being much faster, in fact with large files its quite unstable and many transfers get stuck and you need to restart.
Thats why I use a external SdCard - but the Lightning Port in fact is only a JOKING PORT as it not even gives me full USB2 speed (my SanDisk SDcard has 170MB/s)

2) When shooting 4k material with the iPhone the battery drains very fast - 1h shooting and 60-70% battery is gone.
Without a QuickCharge powerbank you are lost.

3) I was in the pool yesterday and used the PULUZ underwater case for iPhone.
I was shooting 4k/24 in the pool and guess what happened - after just 13 minutes the phone went black, it shut down because it was overheating inside the case.
So the iPhone 12 is NOT capable being inside a underwater case and filming in 4k as it will overheat too fast!
HD Pro C920

While I don't use this camera for videos (only school and extra curricular stuff), its really nice and the mic is actually somewhat decent (even though I just use the mic I have). It's semi-attachable to stuff so that's nice.
Canon 5Dm3
Canon 60D

Outdoor vlogging:
GoPro Hero7 Black + Rode videomicro
iPhone 11Pro + Gimbal

"Studio" (mostly used right now, because C-19)
iPhone 11Pro + Gimbal + "bug" microphone

Software: Filmic PRO and DaVinci Resolve
I have a Gitup action cam (do NOT buy one)
I do most of my off-bike filming on my phone (Huawei Mate 20)
I should probably try using my Panasonic Lumix FZ200 and see how that goes.
(It's only 1080p 50fps but that'll be fine for most things)

I did try using a webcam but with no greenscreen / a cluttered background it was terrible.

If I had the budget to buy an 'affordable' camera specifically for YT that I could also use for stills I would get a Canon G7 X Mark III, or given an even higher budget - a Panasonic Lumix GH5S.
Both in my opinion represent very good value-for-money.

( Good article: The 15 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos in 2021 - BorrowLenses Blog )

Having said that my biggest issue at the moment is (poor) lighting. I need to find a way to sort that out cheaply.
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