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Hi yttalk community,

So I have a question on how would I go about getting my videos/channel to be noticed. I know that SEO plays a big role and if it's mainly based on things like watch time, engagement, social media shares, etc. videos from big channels almost always occupy the rankings (its kinda like the rich get richer loop) and less competitive tags are SUPER specific that people hardly search for. That being said how can small channels like myself create an audience?

You seem to have covered the basics already. Good content, nice banner, logo, thumbnails. And have some subs! Seems like the rest is hard work and not getting discouraged at the beginning. Just keep uploading. Quite a few top you tubers share how they have grown if you search youtube too. Good luck with channel
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It seems like you have the right mindset, and one of the main purposes of this forum is to learn how to grow a channel. It is one of the most frequently asked questions on this forum, and because it has been addressed many times, the staff lock these kinds of threads. I encourage you to read through the tutorials / articles forum for more information on how to grow your channel's audience:
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