1. S

    Join the Small Youtuber's Discord! - Get help from Fellow Youtubers

    Anybody under 5,000 subs is welcome! Enjoy an active and engaged community to help you build your youtube channel.
  2. C

    Gaming Looking for small YouTube group(pc) to collab

    Hello my name's Sean , I'm from Singapore, a chinese Asian (LOL). I will prefer people who are closer to my timezone, but if u guys are interested I'm willing to discuss the playing time to see where we can find room for it. Other than that my only requirement is really to be mature (things...
  3. T

    Gaming Looking for a channel of any size to collab with in Minecraft!

    It doesn't matter how big your channel is, but it should have decent quality and no swearing. This would probably be a short-term thing, although it could become something lasting (you never know!)
  4. E

    How should I set up my paypal?

    I'm a small youtuber, so I don't think I should connect my paypal to my youtube, but I was going to make one, so I wanted to know, should I create a Business or a Personal paypal account for whenever I do connect my paypal to my youtube. What are the pros and cons of each type, and which one...
  5. Unearned

    xbox one/ pc looking to collab with other youtubers.

    I am 13 and looking for other gaming youtubers to upload with. I have a pc but mostly use my xbox one. Lookin for 13+ to collab and have fun with. I have mostly free games on pc and GMOD. On xbox i have games like rainbow six seige titanfall 2 friday the 13th Mortal kombat saints row 4 watch...
  6. Liam Dixon

    Wanna COLLAB?

    Hey I'm new here just got this. Im almost at 1K Subscribers so I'm waiting to Collab with someone to help me get their and to get some youtube friends :) Please get back to me if you're interested!
  7. GZG

    Question about getting views and SEO?

    Hi yttalk community, So I have a question on how would I go about getting my videos/channel to be noticed. I know that SEO plays a big role and if it's mainly based on things like watch time, engagement, social media shares, etc. videos from big channels almost always occupy the rankings (its...
  8. L

    Services Offering GFX

    Hi, I’m Lewis and I have started offering quality GFX at a reasonable price. I have a passion for graphic design and would like to help youtubers out. I haven’t yet been able to pay for a proper domain as I have only just started this service but I can guarantee 100% satisfaction with the...
  9. I

    Gaming Searching for funny people with around 200 subs

    Hey im itsgamerlive, i have 166 subs im 13 years old and im just seraching for a someone who can collab with me, has pc games, can spend money and is 13+. I also have an xbox one You can have skype or discord so we can talk and that's basically it. Btw i haven't done lots of games on my...
  10. KiwiWalkerFTW

    Gaming Xbox one People where you at?????

    Looking to collab with any other youtubers any size tho preferably small as I have only 38 subs right now! Message if your interested!!!!
  11. SupWithT

    Gonna Start Small...

    Well I know I have a goal right now to reach 50 subs on my channel without the use of fake subscription websites. My main aspiration also is to use partial of the money I gain from Youtube, once I get good, is to donate to charity (Planned on this from this jump soooooo :smug:). So I figured...
  12. Choco Berry Gaming

    Is YouTube dying?

    Personally I think Youtube is not like it used to be before. Right now is way harder to expose yourself well, it used to be even before but you get the point. Small channels especially is like a mission impossible to get subscribers and views in these days. Don't you agree?
  13. Rolz

    Audio interface?

    Hi guys, check out my latest video where I unbox the M-AUDIO M-Track 2X2 audio interface :) It's pretty dope! Looks very slick and modern! If you enjoy the video be sure to smash that LIKE button and Subscribe for weekly videos :D!
  14. Rolz

    50 SUB goal reached!

    Whatsup guys! Today I got a pleasant surprise when viewing my 'community' on YouTube :D I saw I reached my goal of 50 subscribers! Thanks for all those that have supported me! On to the next goal of 100 Subs! :help: Wishing everyone else the best of luck with their YouTube endeavours!
  15. TeddieCakes

    Need help & advice regarding collaboration videos for newbies!

    Hello, I have a small youtube channel that strives to encourage both other youtubers and non-youtubers to showcase their work on the channel. Main reasoning is to help those that are too nervous to start a channel themselves to begin getting their work out there or simply just have fun and...
  16. alvarox9

    Vlog Collab in Miami FL?

    Just a regular 18 year old guy who just graduated from high school. Currently studying business. I have a YouTube channel where I give my own advice and tips when it comes to the struggles of life. Looking to see if there are any other youtubers here in miami that might want to make a collab...
  17. E

    Gaming Roblox/Minecraft People 1-100 subs with mic

    Hey dude! Im a tiny youtube channel thats looking to grow. I upload montages, sped up awesomeness, surf runs (CSGO), and more! So, to the roblox/minecraft stuff. No cursing, must have a microphone, and 1 to 100 subs. Put your skype below and I will add you. Thanks, have a nice day. -EndoMendo
  18. JanPlays_

    How to grow my channel?

    Hello everyone, I have a small channel (phaze) with 6 subs, I put a lot of tags in videos, i make 1080p videos, i bought access to the videos & channels part of the forum, i post my videos there every day but get only 5-10 views... so if anyone knows how to get more views and subscribers, please...
  19. JanPlays_

    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator | SandBox | The War has just begun |

    Hello everyone, in this video I'm playing Tabs in the sandbox mode! I do all sorts of stuff in the video... XD anyways ENJOY! Please Leave a like and subscribe!
  20. JanPlays_

    Gaming minecraft compilation collab

    Im looking for someone that can make a minecraft PVP/Minigames/building timelapse/compilation collab with me. I have a small youtube channel and if anyone wants to collab it would mean a lot to me! Thanks!
  21. M

    Gaming Youtube/Gaming Group

    Hi, my name is MechtonFX and I am a YouTuber who does graphic design content. I have decided to create a Gaming, GFX and YouTube group. I am the owner and I am mostly active every day! I have created this group for people to have fun and make new friends online. Now when making a group like this...
  22. MrPeekay

    20 Subs

    So I know this is small, but I'm a small youtuber. I upload almost daily and have almost 40 videos now. I have 23 subscribers so I just hit one fifth of 100 subs and at 25 I will have a quarter of 100 which is only 2 subs away!
  23. sphamedia

    Other Collab event, anyone can take part!

    So im thinking about making a hashtag event for people to take part in, something like #ytdreams where people talk about what they want to achieve on youtube and there dream situation, hopefully to get it to trend and give some love to the smaller ambitious channels, but before i do i want to...
  24. sphamedia

    Other Any anime fans looking to collab? Or start a small channel anime community?

    Hey guys, I'mm finding it hard to get into the early channel anime community, if there is one. I just thought it would be cool if there was other anime related channels that were small that we could work together and create a community for us. If you want to even just send out the branch of...
  25. J

    youtube tips for beginners

    Hi im kind of new to making videos on youtube and im a small gaming youtuber so if you have any tips feel free.
  26. B

    Gaming Looking For Collabs

    I'm a small gaming channel looking for people to record with, I'm 13 (KEEP THAT IN MIND) Even though I'm not an annoying little brat. I have GTA V, CS:GO, Minecraft, Terraria, Factorio, and more. Reply if intrested! Channel: Bacon Minecrafter Not BaconMinecrafter LMAO The website link even...
  27. SullyGunther

    Small YouTubers ASSEMBLE

    HELLO PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET AND BEYOND! I think that Youtubers with less than 1000 subs should band together and help each other out. We are all struggling to make it, so let us have a symbiotic YouTube partnership! [especially people other than gamers, sorry but y'all are less than a dime a...
  28. MinZenReiClar

    Gaming Looking For a PC collab

    I have a VERY small channel just as a forewarning. Looking for someone 16+ who can play anyone of these games: -Minecraft -Magicite -Brawlhalla -Roguelands -CS:GO -Smite -G-mod -Hero siege -The Hidden -Just Cause 2...
  29. cadetKei

    YouTube in smaller countries?

    Ok, so this is a subject I've been thinking about for a while. I am from a fairly small country Latvia, and here I haven't heard of a lot of people that do YouTube. And if they do, they mostly stick to making videos in our own language. Mostly, its something people ridicule for being a weird...
  30. CamGaming

    Gaming Gaming Group - Regularly - New to YT - Any games

    Hi,I am new to YouTube and only have 11 subscribers but that's after just a couple of weeks. I am looking to form a group which play together regularly, join in on each others series and grow together. To make this work I think similarities are required so if you are like me (about me below)...