Need help & advice regarding collaboration videos for newbies!



I have a small youtube channel that strives to encourage both other youtubers and non-youtubers to showcase their work on the channel. Main reasoning is to help those that are too nervous to start a channel themselves to begin getting their work out there or simply just have fun and inspire others to keep their passion going without feeling discouraged and stop.

I am in need of help with the following:

* In what ways can I create a video that showcases a majority of peoples work that is fun to watch?

I have a few people that are either artists, gamers, youtubers willing to promote, and singers.

My only current idea is to either:
1. Break them up and showcase separately
2. Create a story and somehow manage to display their creations

Only problem is, I have no clue of an idea to consolidate everything, am still not that good at editing (and of course a lot of us are basically beginners and still learning) , and want to make this into a community project that will make everyone happy that they contributed.

Thank you,