1. BobbaBubbly

    Other Variety of Collabs

    Hi, I’m Bobba, I do a variety of content from gaming, game story redesign/rewrites, art redesign, small reviews, and character creation. However, I’ve been wanting to collab so I can broaden my skills and interact with other YouTubers. I currently have 2,443 subs and am looking to make stable...
  2. swarnarangoliart

    Other This is all about How to make Rangoli

    Hello Dear ones, I am very passionate about making rangolis. Whenever I get free time I spend time in making colorful rangolis. If you also want to learn how to make rangoli easily then must comment here. Here is one of my latest rangoli design which I made on the occassion of Ganesh...
  3. TheCUBE01

    Short Film A trailer for my upcoming work

    Hey guys! new member here this is a short segment from my latest work Chapter 12 Neptune feel free to check the rest of my work ;) Click here
  4. TheWiseMan

    Looking to improve the audience retention on my art videos. Thank you!

    Hello All! I've made a graphic design speed art after a four year break on my channel! I'd really love to hear some constructive criticism on what I might be able to do to make my content more engaging. From thumbnail and title to the actual content of my video, I'd love to hear your...
  5. -arikaboo

    Services Banners, icons and outro cards comissions!

    Hello! I'm Sara and I'm doing various art for your youtube channel. I can do icons, banners and outro cards! If you have any other request, I can try too. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Icon examples: Detailed icon: 15€ Simple icon: 10€ - - - - - - - - - - -...
  6. FIona Art

    Just pour with Fiona

    This awesome Rainbow star I did with reverse flower dip with paper napkin. Waw... I'm still dancing happy dance, because I really LOVE this painting. I was trying to get this look for a while now.... every time I was closer and this time I finally did it. :D Colours: - black - titanium white +...
  7. M

    Domain name in channel art & as channel name ?

    Does anyone know if it's allowed to show your domain name (url) in the channel banner and icon? I don't mean a button that shows on top of the banner or anything, but literally in the images themselves. Also, are you allowed to use that same domain name as your channel name? Probably should be...
  8. BestNerdLife

    Pixel Art! Animated Fire How-To video

    Hey everybody! Currently in the process of uploading a series of videos of me doing some pixel art. First up is a simple animated fire! It's a good way to quickly learn how to make animated fire pixel art! Any feedback would be great! Thanks!
  9. BestNerdLife

    Pixel Art! Animated Fire time-lapse

    Hey everybody! Currently in the process of uploading a series of videos of me doing some pixel art. First up is a simple animated fire! Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

    Mixing my art and gaming.. thoughts?

    I just had a new idea on my channel to mix both my artistic talents and gaming. I'm trying to make a more diverse channel as opposed to just let's plays, so I created a recent speed draw of a character from a game. Thoughts on the idea?
  11. SheepDreams

    Services Free Banner/Thumbnail For Honest Review

    Hello name's Sheepy. I got no problem doing thumbnails and banners for free but i have done this in the past and literally everyone took advantage. I didn't receive no thank you no thing lol. Anyways i'm not mad and design is quite a lot of work when it comes to time! So its simple ill give you...
  12. AnxoiusAshley

    Making an effective art channel

    Hey so I'm just starting out and I know that I want my channel to be oriented around art and creativity. I love to draw and plan on making most of my videos me drawing on paper, digitally, or using other forms when I feel like it. My editing skills are definitely rough but that aside, what are...
  13. xtack

    Services ~FREE~ Graphic Design ~FREE~

    Hi, I'm currently offering free graphic design whilst i'm building up my portfolio... This service will not be free for long so be quick and get a request in! I am in need of a new refreshed portfolio for my new website so I am doing a service for you guys for a short while. I can do a range of...
  14. SmokeySpace

    Services Free and Professional YouTube Thumbnails, Outro Cards, and Overlays

    I'm just perfecting my work, making thumbnails, outro cards, and overlays completely free and very professional, tell me what you want, how you want it, and I will do it, I am also willing to get creative. I will get them to you withing a couple days during the week, hopefully within 24 hours...
  15. Stoner Gamer

    Services FREE banner, FREE logo

    I'm willing to make a free banner or/and logo. I've design all my own banners and logos There will be no charge if your willing to put a link to my channel. We might be able to work out something else just give me a shout. Here is some of my work
  16. eryn

    Art Video Ideas

    I thought about becoming an art youtuber that tells stories through drawing! I'm completely at a loss though, what should I make for my very first video? I could do an about me, but I feel that's too typical. Any ideas? If not, send me a question you'd like me to answer!
  17. C

    Finished/Closed Help!

    Sorry if this is not supposed to be here I am new to the forums but my channel art won't upload I tried so many things if one of you can fix it and resend the fixed image that would make my day!
  18. Kyonite

    Request Need Art for my Channel

    I'm willing to pay 5 YTTalk dollars because it's all I really have, but I have a pretty specific drawing in mind. It's me (I'm a dude with long black hair) as chibi-ish anime style art (feel free to take a little bit of freedom) with my head slightly tilted to the left and a finger gun pointed...
  19. TheHappyEmoBunny

    Services Paid ($23-27) Icon Illustrations

    I draw everything from chibi to furries, and can do various styles. Icons are $23-27 depending on complexity, and payments are sent through paypal. You can contact me directly through email or on discord: or discord Bunn3#3424 . If you have any questions on how I get my...
  20. Michael Masters

    What Do You Think of My Channel?

    I just made some pretty big changes to my channel. I would love to know if 1. My Channel art would entice a creative hobbyist, student, or professional to subscribe? 2. The Channel Trailer is engaging 3. What's your first impression of me? Thanks, friends...
  21. RomanFever


    Heyo! I Make Graphical Art And Intros For Youtube For FREE Simple As That. If Your Looking For Some Art Please Contact Me At You name it i can do it! Below Is A Recent Banner I Did.
  22. J

    Request new instagram Pic wanted

  23. B

    Finished/Closed [PAID] Chibi icons/avatars

    I'm a digital artist who draws people, animals, and plants. I'm selling chibi art + the .psd file for $40 (All payments will be sent through paypal). You can contact me here or email me: Here's an example of the style
  24. Curiosity Ridge

    Channel Review request

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for some constructive criticism on my science and tech channel. Please tell me. What you think of the overall astetic of the channel as well as the content of the most recent video "Black hole in your Pocket" (as it is my most recent and polished format) What can I...
  25. Curiosity Ridge

    A Black Hole in your Pocket?! | Byte Sized Content | Curiosity RIdge

    Hey everyone, Just started a new style of video, a Short Sweet and Snappy explanation of something seriously cool! Be sure to check it out and let me know if you'd like me to more content in this format!
  26. Cassarilla

    Opinions on posting music without a filmed video?

    What are your opinions on posting music covers and originals without a filmed music video using art instead? Would that stop you from listening? During this time of year my schedule with work and my involvement in the local community theater gets really busy until about July, but I want to...
  27. Syndia

    Other Art / Artist YouTuber Collab

    I make art related videos. I have a small YouTube channel of about 2000 subs. I’d like to do a collab video with another YouTuber Artist to help grow each other’s channels.
  28. J

    Request Looking For New Channel Banner For Free

    I need a channel banner just like the one on my channel JustSamasian. Its pretty simple so no super fancy work involved. If you could help me you can also reach me at @Varenmoe on Instagram. Thank You and have a great Day!
  29. Mendozaaa17

    Services Thumbnails and Banners for Free [Limited]!

    [CLOSED] Hi y'all, I am willing to create some FREE graphic content such as THUMBNAILS and CHANNEL BANNERS/ART for you YouTube users out there. If you're curious to see what I am capable of, take a look further down the thread. I can't promise an exact delivery time, but you should take into...
  30. Aidan Nguyen

    Other Anyone want to collab on art/ games/ music?

    The title basically says it all, and in more detail the games I'm talking about are Roblox and Minecraft (such grown up games). Btw, if you can do digital art also hmu (working on something big) and if you are into superheroes like the CW and Netflix series hmu