1. Marz123456

    Beauty/Makeup beginner looking to collab

    I do nails so I can basically collab with any theme. Please feel free to message me.
  2. RyanBoyer

    Real Brutal Thoughts on My Channel Page? Branding Wise? :D

    Just wanted to see if people actually liked my art work or maybe what they would change if they had any ideas! :P Thanks!
  3. K

    My Thumbnail Art

    Hey Everyone! If any of you have a spare moment can you give me your honest opinions on my individual video thumbnail art? I can't decide if I like it because they all match or if it is quite boring because they all look similar? Thanks in advance!
  4. Frost

    Services Professional GFX graphics

    Hello, I do GFX (anything from outros to channel art to twitch overlays). I have a few of my previous graphics below, and can send you my full portfolio via skype (info below)! I do charge (via paypal) for them (however all payment is made after you are 100% happy with the graphics). If you...
  5. Verre

    Passed 250 on my instagram!

    I hit 250 last week and then 300 this morning! I post all of my sketches and digital art on here in hopes they will be redirected to my speed paints on youtube. Anyway, it's nice to see progress!
  6. AJ Bruh

    Request (FREE/ YTTALK CASH) Could somebody help make me a simple logo/banner?

    I just need a simple logo and banner and would really like the help of someone with experience! Add me on skype or I'll add you :D
  7. paigelknowles

    A ceramicist Throwing some mugs and cups. A Time-lapse

    I made this time-lapse of some throwing on the wheel Hope you enjoy!!
  8. CraftinJoey

    What's key in making a Profile Picture on any program?

    I was just wondering since my channel profile pic didn't take long to make, should I improve it? Or leave the way it is.
  9. Porcelainparasite

    Other Seeking 100+ sub channels for unique collaborations

    Hey everyone! I currently run two youtube channels, one with 25 subs and the other with 114. On the first I do vlogs and gaming content and on the other I do art, crafting, thrifting, and collecting videos. I would love to collaborate with anyone in a similar subscriber range on either of my...
  10. JEJ

    Request [Free] Anyone wanna make me a banner??

    Hey y'all. I'm looking for someone to make me a banner for free. I'm a musician and would want something that looks urban/modern and not too flashy. Something that would take less than ten minutes to make!
  11. W

    Request [Free] looking for thumbnail art for a whole series of Undertale

    Looking for Undertale fan who has played the game and knows how good the game is if .I am doing all the endings so its going to be more than 20 videos Which means more than 20 thumbnails Since I suck at making thumbnails it would be great if some one would help me out . If any one is interested...
  12. cadetKei

    Speed Art: ''We fight at dawn''

    A speed art video. Yup.
  13. Goamas

    Request [PAID] Looking for a professional looking outro.

    Brand new channel, but I'm really gonna hammer it, just went out and bought an AT2020, and a GTX 970 for gameplay, if anyone's interested, please leave an example of previous outro's and your desired price. I am looking for a either 2D or 3D animated outro, with a section for a previous/random...
  14. Dizzy

    Request [Free/Paid] Gaming Channel Art **

    Hello!!! In Desperate need of channel art for my gaming channel! Nothing fancy just something clean preferably with my name "Dizzy" Any reply is greatly appreciated! Have no problem giving full credit to creator in a video or description link. May even pay if at a reasonable price! Thanks...
  15. 123Zeus

    Request [Paid] Looking For A Custom Logo/Avatar

    I need a custom logo or avatar to start branding my channel with. I am willing to pay real money for the design. The price can be negotiated with me via skype or pm on this site; however I AM NOT looking for an art job in the hundreds. I am sorry but I can't afford that. I already have an idea...
  16. Tayo

    Request [FREE] Need a Good Drawing of Myself for Avatar!

    Hey guys! Thanks for looking at this. Like the title says, I would like my avatar to be icon for my channel and be like a drawing of myself! I'm looking for a cartoony style, I'll put examples of what I'm looking for at the end. If anyone can do this I will give you a shoutout on my channel...
  17. Tayo


    Just as the title says, I'm willing to review your channel(s) if you review mine! I'll be as serious and honest as possible, so please don't get offended if you don't like what I have to say. I hope you guys are super honest about my channel, too. My review will concern anything you want...
  18. Nbbx

    Request [Paid] I need thumbnails, intro video & anime art...

    Hi all! I need a few different thumbnails made. I need one for a crazy craft (minecraft) series, one for a survival games (also minecraft) series & a mini games thumbnail. Something else I'd really like is to have a short intro video made. Another thing I'm interested in is having anime art made...
  19. Boredom Killers

    Mad Octopus: A diary of insanity *subtitled brainwashing

    I was bored, so I decided to create some real art. We went too far.
  20. VoidTranceYT

    Help me to help you..or soemthing like that XD

    Okay so i can help you guys review your channels be sure to leave it in this thread! If you guys can provide any feedback for my channel as well that would be awesome and i appreciate any one of you that can help me out! Thank YTTalk Forums