Request CS:GO Youtube Gaming Banner!

    Hello everyone, I have a Youtube CSGO gaming channel that is in need of new graphics and I'm hoping that on here I will find some good talented graphic artists who can do just the thing! I would like the banner art to be somewhat similar to banana gaming on youtube (He is a csgo youtuber)...
  2. Justin Craft

    Request In need of A Free Intro and Outro For YT Channel!

    Searching for someone who would be AWESOME enough to make me a free Video Intro and Outro For My Music Channel on YouTube. Some ideas I had, were maybe some pulsating Speakers with Music notes coming out of them, other than that it's up to whoever might be interested in this. If you do make me...
  3. K.M. Draws

    Other Looking for other art specific channels to collab with.

    Hey all! I'm K.M. Draws an illustrator and designer on the internet and I'm looking for similar minded folks who'd like to collab? :D Feel free to look at my channel to see if we're a good fit!
  4. BeatsForYou

    Finished/Closed Music and Graphics for your channel

    Hi, I create Instrumentals and other music I am also experienced in creating Logo's and graphics. If any of these interest you message and we can work things out thanks for reading
  5. Rintaro Animations

    Request Logo for 14 YTalk cash?

    Hey, so I'm a new abridge channel, and I was thinking I want an actual logo and channel art instead of what I made on windows paint, and I can't offer much but a little bit of Forum cash... But if your willing to help me that'd be great! Thanks... Someone...?
  6. DearDarcy

    Need Feedback on Art please :)

    Hello all! So i'm not a very Artsy person but tried my best on it, please could someone give me some feedback or tell me if anything needs to be changed? I Like simplistic stuff but don't know it if looks too .... unproffessional or whatever x Thank you in advance! :)Talking about my channel...
  7. Dig

    Another feedback request? NO WAY!!! 60% chance of rocking out!

    You know the drill guys, if it's a thread in this subforum, it's a review request! :dance: I make video game inspired music packaged neatly in Youtube video form, and I would truly appreciate it if you would check out my channel in the link below and give me your honest impressions (but, like...
  8. Rev343

    Request Need an outro please...

    Hey, thanks for taking some time to read this.... So here is what I need, an outro that is themed around the pokemon Pumpkaboo. I have been going crazy trying to find a good outro, I also tried making my own and failed.... so yeah, I need you! I have no idea what you would like for payment...
  9. jrock20

    Youtube Channel Art

    Hello! my name's Jay. Lately I've been in need of an animator that can create channel art. I'm in need of a banner, channel logo, and a watermark(logo in png.file). If you are willing to collaborate with me on this project please contact me through either skype or email(skype is prefered)...
  10. RealBananaCrafter

    Request New intro or channel art please!

    Hey guys, this is RealBananaCrafter here. I have been on YouTube for a few months, and have an introduction already. But it is not very good, and I would like it if I could have a new one. I am willing to pay up to 6 YT$ for it. Also, I need some channel art- willing to pay 4 YT$. Thanks! -RBC
  11. Doctor Dano

    POKEMON Mewtwo BOX-art!

    I made this retro box art cover, what do you think?
  12. Doctor Dano

    DICKBUTT from 9GAG for you guys!

    I have a gaming/comedy channel. But sometimes I upload digital paintings.
  13. Hopeless Insomniac

    Request Banner Request

    Hey guys! I would really love someone to make me a banner if they have some time. I've tried to but nothing I've made looks professional or clean enough, which are my biggest concerns. My channel is about music mainly, and some vlogging. So I would like the banner to reflect that or my username...
  14. Brenden

    Request [FREE Preferred]Need channel art done :)

    I'd design this myself, however i'd rather have someone else design this instead of myself (I dislike my abilities) I need a very basic logo and YT banner. I'll give you mostly creative liberty here, but somethings I need. -No green or brown, period. Unless it's neon green, then it's okay...
  15. martingray360

    changing Thumbnails affects YT stats?

    Hey guys, Do you know/think if changing thumbnails affects YT stats in anyway and do you have experience with community reaction? My channel is pretty much game where you find Pokemon in cool places in 360 degree videos. I have 3 difficulty levels, so yesterday I decided to change thumbnails...
  16. Scooterbean Videos

    Request Really Need Icon and Channel Art, Whichever is Fine

    I am really trying to improve the look of my channel, and I want some nice looking channel art and an icon. I would be so happy you don't even know. I've been ballin on a budget lately so its been hard to find someone who can do it. If there is anybody who would be willing to lend a hand you'd...
  17. itsaquagemini

    Have you heard of ArtSnacks?

    If not, it's totally awesome! It's a subscription art box and the stuff you get is pretty sweet. I have a video for one of them up on my channel if you're interested :D I encourage any artist whether beginner or expert to check them out:
  18. God chap

    Finished/Closed Free YT (Channel art, Profile or both) [Updated]

    Hello there, you sexy beast! :wavespin: My name is Paul or known has God Chap :pompus:, I make Channel Banners & Channel logos. I love doing minimalist art or simple designs but I wouldn't mind doing some more complex stuff. :Blackalien2: How long would it take? Usually takes 1 week or less...
  19. Pixel & Bracket

    100 Subs / 4k Views!

    Hi everybody! On August 3rd I posted my 50 Sub / 2k Views thread and here we are in September now at 100 Subs and 4,000+ views! For those of you that have subscribed, thank you so much! For others growing their own channels, keep at it. It may seem like it's never going to grow, but it will...
  20. Joe_brett15

    Tutorials for beginning YOUTUBE

    Tll me what you think and hope that some of my videos come in handy when starting a new channel
  21. Jadine

    Sketchtober is coming up and I have no ideas

    Sketchtober for those of you who don't know is where some artists do a sort of challenge during the month of October where they draw something every day for that month. You don't need a theme but I would like to try it out with a theme in mind. I just have no Idea what to do. I've thought about...
  22. M

    Art Drawing Channel.. Needs Advice..

    Hi! I am new on youtube, I try to make a time lapse drawing video of famous portrait.. I will more thing when times come.. This time, I will make 1 video for one day.. I will draw famous portrait, when iPhone 7 is realized I was drawing steve jobs.. I will change camera position soon.. Can...
  23. Jadine

    Other Digital Art collab?

    I'm interested in doing one collaboration with a digital artist. I was thinking pokemon on related because it's so big right now. Couple things about me, i have only 47 subscribers so I'm not wildly popular, I don't care what your status is. I don't have my digital paintings on my channel...
  24. TheRichPlaysG

    Services I can do thumbnails for youtube , banners , icons for youtube channel and more

    Hey there! if you are looking for someone to do channel art for youtube you have come to the right place. If you are wondering what can I do I can make banners channel icons thumbnails but no intros or outros. The price for my art is not free. To purchase my art you will need paypal. The price...
  25. Juichi

    Services -Free- Juichi's Graphics!

    About Me Hello! My name is Juichi and welcome to my Free Graphics Thread! I mainly Play Counter Strike (go), Pokemon Emerald, and Leauge of Legends (I main riven and im trash -_-). Im always bored and have nothing to do which why i decided to make this thread Requirements None (for now) Just...
  26. Masked Designs

    Services Masked Designs Graphics Shop!

    Hello! I setup a graphics shop a little while back and am finally doing a bit of advertising for it. I do YouTube banners, Twitter headers, and logos. Pricing is around $2 per item (Pricing can change depending on request). Also if you have over 4K subs I might be willing to do it for some...
  27. KQ4rt

    New painting and music!!!

    Hey guys! I have been so busy with uni lately (literally had 1 hour sleep for a few days :confused:) but I finally managed to finish another speed painting video! This painting is inspired by Vexento's amazing music. I listened to his music while painting this and decided to put that as my...
  28. Jacadamia

    Second Video Slump?

    So I wrote the script for my second video, and went to record the audio for it. However, it... didn't go so well? For some reason, it feels like the second video is even harder to get right. I want to improve on my videos (or... er, video) while still keeping what made the first one likeable and...
  29. LayGoh

    Who are some good channel art creators who are free? I need re designing.

    So i am thinking of re designing my YT channel because im starting a new chapter (kinda) and i am wondering if anyone knows someone that does good quality channel art for free, this is because i do not have the time to do the stuff myself. If you are interested in helping i would prefer if you...