Other Digital Art collab?


I'm interested in doing one collaboration with a digital artist. I was thinking pokemon on related because it's so big right now.

Couple things about me, i have only 47 subscribers so I'm not wildly popular, I don't care what your status is. I don't have my digital paintings on my channel anymore but it is what I used to do and I know my way around photoshop.

I'm looking for someone who puts a lot of effort and time into their art.

Email me if interested and for more info

I will not leave emails unanswered on wether or not a choose you, just give me some time.
kinda interested in your portfolio, got a link to anything?

My YouTube channel ha's 's lot of my art on it, but... I can't seem to figure out how to link my url from my phone. But my username is Jadine on deviant art.