1. Brenden

    Services [FREE] Brenden's Quick Graphics (Banners + others)

    Hey everybody! Welcome to my little nick of the site. I been a member on here for going on 5 years on and off. I had a variety of names from BTurt, to BrendenTurtle and a lot of the old members I remember are long gone. Either way I still love this community for giving me somewhere to discuss my...
  2. American Monkey

    Services Cheap Channel Logos and banners

    Hi guys, I am a digital artist that loves to make logos for friends and families. I have had a lot of practice using Photoshop and make high-quality logos and banners for your YouTube needs. My logos are really cheap because I know the struggle of starting a channel and needing good channel art...
  3. mekaylaray21

    Other looking for art channels

    im a new youtuber looking for other art related channels to collab with. good to have firealpaca/photoshop/medibang. any socialmmedia to contact each other. Will tell skype adn discord when replied to, thanks
  4. N

    [HELP] Blurry Channel Banner

    Hello forum, I am trying to upload my banner art (the banner at the top of your channel) and every time I do it the image turns out blurry. I am using their suggested size of 2560x1440 and it is still blurry. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks!
  5. WeirdLife

    Other Collabs?

    I would love to do some collabs maybe do some art or challenges. pretty much down for whatever. If you would like to collab email me at (yes its meant to be spelled incorrectly)
  6. Justin Higgins

    Other Art Colabs For Youtube!

    Whats going on guys! im fairly new to youtube and was looking for other art channels to colab with. If you are interested Send me a message! Later!
  7. MortyMilk

    Finished/Closed (First Ten Are Free) $2 Banner Commissions!

    Hi, my name is MortifiedMilkshake, or MortyMilk, if that is easier to say. I haven been making youtube banners for my friends for a long time, but then one of the them said, "You could make money doing this." So. That's where you, the delicious person reading this, comes in. The first ten people...
  8. Edoziethe1and0nly

    Channel ART review - Early Start Channel

    Guys ive just remade my channel now with some updated art and even a slogan. Im aiming to do software/hardware reviews. Let me know what you think of my channel Art ! Would love to hear from all of you.
  9. P

    Request Profile picture and banner art needed (Free)

    Hello, I am in need of a profile picture and a banner for my YouTube gaming channel. I would prefer something bright/cute/girly please. And I would like my profile picture to be a headshot of my Roblox avatar. If you are interested please contact me here: Thank you!
  10. kawhale

    Finished/Closed We need to talk about your logo....

    Listen guys, you've really gotta stop relying on MS paint, simple GIMP/Photoshop defaults and color gradients and most of all Comic Sans. Why do you think you're getting so few views(if at all, especially if you don't have video thumbnails.) and not having them translate into subscribers...
  11. OSHStudios

    animation run cycle tutorial

  12. P

    I got over 600 subs

    My subs are slowly rising but hustling to hit my next milestone of 1000.
  13. Camskiez

    Advice on my channels Artwork / Designs!

    Hey everyone, I'm a gaming channel and I just wanted some feedback onto the designs and banners of my youtube channel! Any advice would be appreciated I just feel like I should change it up and its perhaps a bit too serious looking. thanks, Camskiez
  14. OSHStudios

    How to ink your drawings

    Hey i used a lot of time on this video please watch it and leave a like :)
  15. Artekis


    I am just a bored student looking to make some Channel banners as well as thumbnails and maybe even a facebook or twitter banner as well if wanted. I am no professional but I feel like I do a decent job at making the banners and such. I have made a few already for others and myself. I hope you...
  16. OSHStudios

    Please check out my Art Channel

    Hello out there :) im an danish artist in the age of 19, i have been doing alot of speedpainting over the last year but i decided to try to make more refined video contet so be sure to check it out.
  17. Doctor Dano

    Collab CO-OP speedpainting!

    I am looking for a digital artist that wants to CO-OP in a speed-painting, from the comfort of your own home. XD Requirements: - Photoshop software for digital art - Record screen software - Minimum average 100 views per video (or more) - Minimum 80 subs on your channel (or more) - Drawing...
  18. GeniePurple


    I Created this when i was in university, it may be short clip but it took forever to create but i still enjoyed the process! Will create more soon! You dudes can you help me out as you guys are amazing, Like my video, comment below for any suggestion etc. Share with friends and family and...
  19. TeddieCakes

    Need help & advice regarding collaboration videos for newbies!

    Hello, I have a small youtube channel that strives to encourage both other youtubers and non-youtubers to showcase their work on the channel. Main reasoning is to help those that are too nervous to start a channel themselves to begin getting their work out there or simply just have fun and...
  20. Warlock Boo

    Request I am in need of a new channel avatar

    I am in need of a new channel avatar. I would like one that better matches my character warlock boo and my channels them horror/comedy. it's an odd mix. i read creepypastas but add my own begging crypt keeper style and my own end again crypt keeper style. i am open to ideas but i do need it...
  21. ThePropHat(Tyler)

    Services Simple and Free Banners and Avatars for YouTube

    New year, new shop, I suppose! About a year ago, I opened my first shop (Well, I call it that, but I usually don't charge). Seemed to go pretty well, considering I had only been working with Photoshop a couple of months. I've now built up my skills enough that I am confident that I can open up...
  22. Cleo Nash

    Beauty/Makeup Help!!

    I have never done a full face of makeup seriously. I do own a few products but nothing that would people say "damn she beat". SOOOO, one of my next videos I wanted to do is a "funny" makeup for beginners video. MAIN QUESTION: Can someone tell me what they think the best make up is for starters...
  23. vCadge

    Request Banner and/or Icon needed!

    Hey, im Cadge... I do pranks, skits and other pour my soul into editing :crying: I DESPERATELY need some channel art and am willing to pay depending on the quality. Send me some examples or contact me on Skype @ irbyhl and i'll talk to you! Thanks xD
  24. ZactheRipper

    New Channel Art and Trailer

    I have been up and going now for a month and I am about to increase the rate of videos being uploaded to 1 a day. I was wondering what you guys thought about my new art and trailer. Brutal honesty works best! Thanks so much in advance!
  25. S


    We make a big variety of Channel banners , Intros , Profile pictures and we do Teamspeak Developing. Intros are only £2.50 and Channel Banners £1.50 We also make Youtube Profile Pictures for 50p and Teamspeak developing for £1.50 The intros and Channel banners come in lots of different colours...
  26. PunchbowlGaming

    Request LF illustrator for Cartoon Headshots of our Members Will Pay

    Hi all! I am once again looking for someone who can make our members into cartoon drawings. We were using someone else but they have not delivered. So what we would like is 6 images (one of each member) from head to chest height. We would like them cartoony and each as a separate file with no...
  27. Z

    Looking for an Artist/Designer for channel art/channel logo

    I am looking for a graphic designer who i can work with to help me create the necessary things needed for Youtube channel just starting out to help gain an audience such as: Channel Art Video intros/outros Logos About me: My name is Zackary Squire, I am 19 years old from Windsor Ontario...
  28. M

    Request I need some channel art

    Hello, I am Mydogisfluffy, I need new, professional looking channel art. I can't pay in money, but I can shout you out, and get my more popular friends on youtube to shout you out as well. I need channel art with a theme of a dog and space with the main color a neon green and secondary being...
  29. ProfessionalRik

    Gaming News Show! Great Week!

    So I just had a great week working on my new gaming news show and I wanted to post it SOMEWHERE to brag about how proud I was to pull it off. Check 'em out and learn about what's actually happening in gaming culture!
  30. XaeolGraphics

    Services Affordable, Attractive Art and Branding For All!

    One of the most important parts of a youtube channel is its branding. Regardless of how good a video is, it won't go anywhere if nobody clicks it! And that's where I come in. I have been consistently creating art for years now and consider myself as quite skilled at it. I'm quite creative with...