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Listen guys, you've really gotta stop relying on MS paint, simple GIMP/Photoshop defaults and color gradients and most of all Comic Sans. Why do you think you're getting so few views(if at all, especially if you don't have video thumbnails.) and not having them translate into subscribers? Maybe it's time to fire you're buddy Larry down the street for your design choices. After all now that you think of it your banner kinda resembles a mid 90's local cable commercial for your neighborhood shady car dealer.

I remember around 2008-2012 when you could probably get away with just a simple design, but these days it's overwhelming how many people are causing the quality scale of YouTube to go way up from the increase in paid designs. Though many of these designers will charge you a ridiculous sum of money for the simplest logo. I've seen logos cost $200 dollars that look like gum on the sidewalk.

Are you with me so far? Great. Let's get to fixing up your channel. I'm well versed in design from a community of professional artists, and have connections with other graphic designers in case your project requires more than just YouTube. We can keep in contact over email, skype, phone, yttalk, and even Yahoo Messenger if that tickles your fancy. Get in contact with me and let's cure your channel!

If you need animations, audio, youtube statistics gathering, or voice-over work done too, I've got some contacts for you!

Some examples:

Do u make intros??

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