Other Seeking 100+ sub channels for unique collaborations

Hey everyone!
I currently run two youtube channels, one with 25 subs and the other with 114.
On the first I do vlogs and gaming content and on the other I do art, crafting, thrifting, and collecting videos.

I would love to collaborate with anyone in a similar subscriber range on either of my channels, its up to you which.

I only have a few guidelines:
-My larger channel is pg13 but the smaller one is not so if you wanted to do a collaboration with my larger channel I request you keep it pg13 as well.
-You must be close to or above my current sub point as described in the title
-And finally I'd like to see an example of your work and channel before commiting to a collaboration.

Aside from that just let me know if anyone is interested down below and any idea you might have.

Thank you

-PorcelainParasite / Manufractured